10 Really Cool Novelty Gift Ideas for the Sheldon Cooper in Your Life

Posted by , Updated on November 6, 2018


The holidays are coming, and even though Thanksgiving hasn’t quite come and gone, the time of shopping for our loved ones is nigh. With so many options out there, I’m here to help you narrow it down. If you’re like me, you probably have friends with interests across the spectrum; today we’re focusing on your geeky/nerdy friends…the ones into Star Wars, cosplay, wizards, and all things science fiction. These products are all made from quality sources, such as The Wand Company and ThinkGeek, so you don’t have to worry about anything falling short of the magic you want for those you love. From magic potions that glow to Pokemon beanbag chairs, you’ll want these 10 Really Cool Novelty Gift Ideas for the Sheldon Cooper in Your Life on your shopping list.


Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

star wars death star waffle maker

Who doesn’t love waffles? How could anyone not love Star Wars? With this ThinkGeek exclusive you can now bring the joy of both to your friend this holiday season. Maybe they’ll even invite you over to enjoy.


Buy it here!


Star Trek Door Chime

star trek door chime

Even casual followers of Star Trek will easily recognize the iconic door chime from aboard the USS Enterprise. This sound of nostalgia will be a great gift for any of your “nerdy” friends.


Buy it here!


Twelfth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

12th dr sonic screwdriver

Any serious Whovian will go crazy over this Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote, brought to you by the wizards at The Wand Company, complete with 12 different sonic buzzes and a Morse code broadcast every hour. As a universal remote, it’s compatible with almost all home entertainment equipment, all with the flick of the wrist!


Buy it here!


Pokemon Snorlax Beanbag Chair

snorlax beanbag

Snorlax, I choose you! …To sleep on. This 4-foot tall, 2-foot wide Pokemon is a perfect nap companion for your friend. You might find yourself sneaking over to take a snooze yourself. Stuffed with cotton and polyester fiber mix and polystyrene balls, your friend will be sure to sink in to awesome comfort.


Buy it here!


Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Phone Charger

back to the future car charger

This Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Phone Charger is sure to charge your friend’s phone faster than the speed of time. It also charges up to 2 devices and flips open just like in the movie. Sadly, it won’t allow your friend’s car to travel in time.


Buy it here!

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