Year In Review: 25 Strangest News Stories of 2011

Posted by on January 3, 2012

As we continue our Year In Review series of lists that we started with memorable quotes and powerful photos, we are going to take a step off deep end and look at some of the weirder things that happened over the course of the year. Whether its an underwear stealing kangaroo or a woman dying at her own funeral, the last 365 days have certainly managed to leave us scratching our heads as we bring you the 25 strangest news stories of 2011.


Last Two Speakers of Dying Language Refuse To Talk

An April report done by the Guardian documented how the last two surviving speakers of the ancient Mexican language of Ayapaneco didn’t get along and thus refused to talk to one another. Scientists are racing to document the language before it is too late.


Adult Baby vs Oklahoma Senator

National Geographic

Stanley Thornton Jr. has a condition known as paraphilic infantalism. According to Good Morning America, dressing up as and acting like a small child helps him cope with sexual abuse he experienced when he was younger. After National Geographic featured him on their show Taboo, it was revealed that he lived off of disability checks in spite of being fully functional as an adult. This led Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) to demand a fraud investigation. After Stanley was cleared of any wrongdoing the Senator released a statement, “We need to hold accountable not only adult babies but the politicians and bureaucrats who coddle them.”


Breeding Turtles Shut Down JFK Airport

Several times during the year JFK airport was shutdown due to turtles crossing the runways in order to reach their breeding grounds. According to a Jet Blue rep “running over turtles is not healthy for them, nor is it good for our tires.”


Stoned Wallabies Create Crop Circles In Australia

Australia supplies roughly one-half of the world’s legal opium that is used for medicine and other purposes. Lara Giddings, the attorney general of Tasmania, explained to parliament in a hearing earlier this year that there is a problem with wallabies “entering those poppy fields, getting as high as a kite and going around in circles, until they crash.”


Woman Receives Cement Buttocks

A Miami woman seeking a job in a local nightclub felt as though she needed a curvier body so she set out to find a cheap plastic surgeon. Evidently though, you get what you pay for, as the “plastic surgeon” she found ended up filling her buttocks with cement, mineral oil, and flat-tire sealant. The fraudulent doctor has since been arrested and identified as 30 year old Oneal Ron Morris.


Giant LEGO Man Washes Up On Florida Beach

An 8-foot tall, 100 pound lego man made of fiberglass was found washed upon Siesta Key beach in October with the words NO REAL THAN YOU ARE spelled out across his chest. On his back is an inscription with the name “Ego Leonard” which some have said is the name of a Dutch artist, but as of yet no one has claimed him.


Frozen Dead Guy Day Festival For Sale

Every year in Nederland, Colorado something known as the Frozen Dead Guy Day festival occurs in remembrance of Bredo Morstoel who died in 1993, was frozen, and is now kept in a shed near the village. The festival, complete with coffin races and frozen salmon tossing is being sold due to budget constraints by the city.


Stowaway Crocodile Causes Plane Crash

When a plane crashed in the Congo earlier this year, the sole survivor reported that the crash was caused by a crocodile someone smuggled aboard. It somehow freed itself and the passengers stampeded thus destabilizing the plane. According to the Guardian 19 people died and although the crocodile survived the impact he was killed by rescuers with a machete.


Wedding By Fire

A couple set to be married in Nova Scotia this last November had to evacuate the lodge where they were holding the wedding and change locations due to a fire, but not before snapping the most intense wedding photo of the year.


Duck Tape On Ducks

In Boise, Idaho several passerby noticed a distressed mother duck near a storm drain where her ducklings were trapped. The good samaritans used duck tape on a stick to reach down and pull the ducklings to safety.


Town Celebrates 15 Minutes of Significance

The biggest thing to ever happen in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas occurred in 1964 when the Beatles had a 15 minute layover at the local airport. 47 years later, a local artist commemorated the event with a statue. The unveiling also included a tribute concert and local townspeople sharing memories of the day.


The Most Intense Honeymoon Ever

The Svanstrom’s of Sweden somehow managed to run into every natural disaster of 2011 while on their honeymoon. It started in December when they were stranded in Munich by the European Snowstorms. When they finally arrived in Australia they were met by a massive cyclone in Cairns after which left for Brisbane but ran directly into the flooding. Perth wasn’t any better with all of its brush fires so they decided to try New Zealand, just in time for the Christchurch earthquake. After trying several other spots they ended up in Japan right before the tsunami and yet another earthquake. They are now safely back in Sweden…and still married.


Portland Drains Reservoir Due To Urination

After 21 year old Joshua Seater peed in a Mt. Tabor water reservoir officials in Portland had to drain 7.8 million gallons of water at the cost of $30,000. Now that’s an expensive bathroom break.


Man Robs Bank For 1 Dollar

In June James Verone walked into a bank in Charlotte, North Carolina and handed the teller a note saying, “This is a bank robbery, please give me only 1 dollar.” He then walked over to the seating area and sat down to wait for police. According to James he didn’t have medical insurance and the only way he knew how to get care was in jail.


Australian Mom Tries To Sell Kids On eBay

Although eBay does have a reputation for being used to sell some strange things, an Australian woman really took the cake when she tried to auction off her kids in early December. It almost worked too, as strangers came and placed bids on the children, both under 10 years old. Authorities, however, were alerted and the ad was promptly taken down. The woman claimed it was just a joke and no charges have been filed as of yet.