The 25 Most Powerful Superheroes of All Time

Posted by on December 14, 2011

Ever since Superman stepped onto the scene it seems as though gurus and fanboys have been at each others throats about which superhero is the most powerful. Don’t believe us? Just scroll down to the comments (if there aren’t any it only means they were so bad that we were forced to moderate them). And if you’re one of the fanboys, remember – breathe. At any rate, here are the 25 most powerful superheroes of all time.


The Green Lantern

In possession of the “most powerful weapon in the universe”, the power ring wielded by the green lantern grants him abilities that are seemingly limited only by his imagination. The only real downside is that like any other super cool gadget it has to be recharged, and usually when it’s needed most.



By tapping into the Speed Force, Wally can run, think, and act faster than light itself. And as impressive as that is, it doesn’t end there. He can also move through time, phase through matter, and even read/acquire knowledge at a hyper-accelerated rate.


Black Bolt

As the king of a certain offshoot of humanity known as the “inhumans” the Black Bolt has been described even by other superheroes as one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Capable of some serious energy manipulation, the Bolt can use this power to increase any of his abilities to ridiculous levels. His greatest weapon, however, is his thunderous voice. Even a whisper has shown itself capable of shattering the Hulk’s bones and it has been said that a shout would destroy an entire planet.


Franklin Richards

The son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, Franklin has long been considered the most powerful earth-bound mutant in the Marvel universe when it comes to unrealized potential. He can only move up from here.


Dr. Strange

Considered the “Sorcerer Supreme” Dr. Strange’s power’s rank right up there with Dr. Manhattan. The only thing that could hold him back is the fact that he’s a normal human playing with magic.



A enigma of sorts, Sentry is so powerful that even he surprises himself with his own abilities at times. His primary weakness, however, is his fragile mind. Although he once wiped his own existence from the memory of every person and superhero in the universe, his personal mental issues are his downfall.


Silver Surfer

With this guy, the question is more of what can he not do than what he can. As a result of his ability to tap into the “power cosmic” he supposedly has access to a nearly unlimited amount of power. The only reason he doesn’t rank any higher is because of his inconsistency. Sometimes he seems to like he should be number one, two, and three while at other times we wonder if he should even be on this list. We just averaged the two.



With only one weakness the Man of Steel is not fun to fight against. Although he isn’t in the #1 spot on our list he easily could be, especially since no one is completely sure of just how powerful Superman really is (he’s always holding back). Regardless, as one of the most respected superheroes in the universe this Kryptonian is the real OG.



Although for years it was Superman that set the standard for massively over powered superheroes, ever since “super sayain” became a household word Goku found his way somewhere to the top of the really powerful superheroes list – albeit a somewhat non-standard superhero at that. But seriously, here we have a character essentially constructed on the assumption that there is no upper power limit whatsoever.



The Norse God of Thunder, Thor is not only invincible in almost every sense of the word but he takes the meaning of “skilled warrior” to an entirely new level. Moreover, he has a hammer that gives him almost absolute control over space and time. In fact, this guy is so powerful that it could be a challenge to write a comic that involves him being in any believable amount of danger whatsoever.