The 25 Most Powerful Superheroes of All Time

Posted by on December 14, 2011

Ever since Superman stepped onto the scene it seems as though gurus and fanboys have been at each others throats about which superhero is the most powerful. Don’t believe us? Just scroll down to the comments (if there aren’t any it only means they were so bad that we were forced to moderate them). And if you’re one of the fanboys, remember – breathe. At any rate, here are the 25 most powerful superheroes of all time.


Half-human and half-atlantean, Namor the sub-mariner was one of the earliest superheroes in the Marvel universe. The stereotypical antihero, his short fuse and long list of superpowers would make him a formidable foe.


Captain Marvel

Whenever he utters the phrase “shazam”, young Billy Batson becomes one of the universe’s most versatile superheroes. His list of powers include the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury. Known as “Earth’s mightiest mortal” Captain Marvel is a force to be reckoned with.



Unlike other superheroes Firestorm is actually two people that when combined create a superbeing with the ability to rearrange matter on the molecular level. If it weren’t for the fact that he were limited to non-organic material he would probably be a lot closer to #1.


Iron Man

Although Iron Man has had his weak moments, his armor has proven itself worthy against the likes of Thor, Hulk, and other superheroes on this list. Also, given that he is constantly evolving we wouldn’t be surprised to see him continue crawling up the power charts.


Aqua Man

Another Atlantean, Aquaman’s powers have at times been underestimated. Anyone that was born in a place capable of literally crushing even the most advanced of human technology is probably going to end up somewhere on this page.


Dr. Manhattan

When it comes to pure, raw, unadulterated power there are few people that come even close to the doctor. In fact, there is almost no defined limit to what he can do. The reason he is at #20 however, is due to his primary weakness (besides tachyons) – apathy. In spite of being able to annihilate essentially the entire universe he just doesn’t care enough about much of anything and would prefer to be left alone.



As one of the most powerful telepaths in the universe, Jean Grey sometimes has trouble keeping her nearly unlimited mental powers in check. Professor X was even forced to construct psychic shields in her mind as a child in order to prevent her from fully realizing her power until she was mature enough to handle it on her own.


Captain Atom

Essentially a combination of Superman and the Silver Surfer, Captain Atom is sometimes seen as a second rate man-of-steel. His powers are formidable, however, with the ability to manipulate theoretically unlimited amounts of energy.



Although Wolverine doesn’t have any of the typical superhero powers, it’s the intangibles that put him on the list. What he lacks in raw power he makes up for with pure fury. And as we’ve seen with Dr. Manhattan, attitude is half the battle.


Mister Majestic

As one of the most powerful superheroes in the Wildstorm universe, Mister Majestic bears a deliberate resemblance to Superman. With essentially all of his powers we just couldn’t rank a copy above the man himself.


Professor X

As the most powerful telepath in the Universe Professor X has not only been responsible for the training of many other powerful mutants, but for their protection as well.


Wonder Woman

Essentially a combination of Superman’s power and Batman’s fighting skills, the one think keeping Wonder Woman from ranking any higher is her lack of perfect invulnerability. Granted, she can certainly withstand more than her share of blunt force trauma, but a really sharp weapon could do some damage.



Mercilessly executed by his own men, Al Simmons was once the government’s top soldier and most effective assassin. While in hell he made a deal with the Devil that would grant him the ability to do virtually anything that he wanted. The catch? His powers would eventually run out and drag him back to the pit from whence he came.



With nearly unlimited strength, rapid tissue regeneration powers, and inexhaustible stamina, fighting against the Hulk is just an all-around bad idea. The main reason he doesn’t rank any higher though is due to his lack of other superpowers. While he outranks almost everyone in strength, pure muscle can sometimes only take you so far.


Martian Manhunter

Second only to Dr. Manhattan in terms of sheer ability, the Manhunter owns a laundry list of supermanish superpowers. It doesn’t stop there though. He also has 9 different senses, powerful telepathic skills, and the ability to regenerate himself.

David Pegg


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  • Ryan Dennis

    I own the graphic novel where hulk beats black bolt, doctor strange, and sentry so yeah and there is an actual movie where hulk beats Thor within an inch of death and simply walks away SO YEAH

  • John Clark

    Let us not forget, Superman has three vulnerabilities, Kryptonite, red solar radiation, and Magic. That being said, Dr Strange could take him out (magic). The reason the Surfer could take him out is because of another weakness, Red sun. Surfer generates wormhole and emerges in the neighborhood of Betelgeuse.Superman follows? Contest over. Thor beats Superman because hammer is MAGIC. Superman gets hit by an object that never misses when thrown which he has no resistance to and is traveling (usually) faster than the eye can follow. result? DEAD! The only possible caveat here is whether Superman is “worthy” to lift the hammer. It’s a good thing this list is limited to “Super Heroes” as I could probably come up with a laundry list of entities from Marvel who could in all likelihood clean Superman’s clock (or at least fight to a stand still).

  • Lana Olushola

    And like i said before –

    Thor, in almost all his appearances, has NEVER been in a I MUST KILL YOU mind before, but more like a I MUST STOP YOU mind…

    So fix up HULK even with the THOR that went to the home of the frost giants in Thor 1 and lets see HULK try to stand a chance

  • Lana Olushola

    Don’t forget, THOR is the only one not of this realm, that makes him super unpredictable and more powerful – With his WARRIOR’S MADNESS or GodForce, i’d love to see any other character try to defeat him

  • Goku

    It’s a good thing I’m here.

  • Eddie

    OK. I strongly disagree with the Top 3! Goku should not be higher than Superman and neither should Thor! Superman’s strenght has no known limits and his durability is at least as great, if not greater than Thor’s.He’s also much faster than Thor. He can use the infinite mass punch that is capable of destroying planets and even solar systems and can survive multiple supernovas. Thor should be 2nd and Goku 3rd. And I’m not even mentioning wolverine who shouldn’t even be on the list!

  • Orel Moses

    This list is BULLSHIT


    I forgot to say the thing about Thor’s hammer. the hammer has requirements in order to pick it up. as you saw in the first thor movie he couldn’t pick up the hammer and its because he lost one of the requirements in order to pick up and it happened when he lost a lot of honor. because you say thor is strong but the hammer was picked up by beta ray bill who met the requirements and the requirements are just being worthy. red hulk even picked it up and not only that he threw the f**king thing like the hell. the hammer can even be wielded by superman even thoe it is of magic element. regularulk picked up the hammer in issue 6 of indestructible hulk. superman carries it in JLA vs. avengers. captan America carries it. wonder womn carries it in a crossover. it doesn’t matter if you can pick it up cause your weak it matters if you are worthy.
    I only think thor is cool because when odin sent him down and made mortal and forget his roots he became the most of human than any other. lol
    if your gonna tell me that hulk cantpick it up it only when hes savage thiers a reason behind it.
    tell me what you think

  • The Dark Knight

    I think its definitely missing out on the batman also in most flash comics and animated movies he cant time travel because with Thawn around there’s not enough speed force to go around (as Thawn said on Flash point paradox comic and movie)


    As BUTTERSCOTCH 8 I must say supes is must be number one then hulk then Thor. The funny part about thor being strong and power himself up… thor cant hit superman its just that simple he only can hit supes if he lets himself get hit. the reason dooms day was able to kick supermans ass is because he was specifically made to whoop dat azzz. on top of that you say hes weak to magic but he took a LIGHTNING BOLT FROM THE WIZARD SHAZAM HIMSELF… HIMSELF. pretty much the god of all magic so if supes was really super weak to it wouldnt he have died. what do you think that thors hammer would do…it couldn’t defeat hulk to save himself from the green beast himself. and hulk was defeated by tony stark in wold war hulk saga. supposedly the fu**ing SENTRY couldn’t stop him and he is OP. hulk can beat thor and im way more worried about hulk being able to stop supes than thor and I wanna see supes get his azz whooped cause I need someone to put my favorite superhero back in his place in knowing thiers someone always stronger thor with more asguardians to stop sentry so if you tell me thor can do this and that how come he cant defeat sentry by himself. oh yeah ive recently did more research and if supes is around a red son their is a few things you need to know. supes does not lose his power instantly also, he loses it slowly, supes biology allows himself to be a battery meaning that each cell lasts at least a minute or less and if its a minute then….that’s 30,000 years or more people. and im talking about both of them at their strongest…sigh



  • ATInsider

    Superman should take TOP SPOT for obvious reasons. Then THOR.

    • The Dark Knight

      just one thing me and my friend were talking once about if you really look into the facts of superman his one weakness is really easy to make i mean even the joker can make it and so can lex luthor and sooo many other villains i have to say if you watched that fight between the joker and superman joker epicly owns him like superman was wearing a kriptonite proof suit so what does the joker do he makes a joke and uses acid to melt through the suit and if it weren’t for batman superman would have died

  • CaptainHero

    Franklin Richards has the power to change reality, he should be number one, theres no real way to beat that except in the case of Mad Jim Jaspers where he is teleported to a universe where there is no reality and he is killed. Not to mention 4th and 5th dimensional beings like Mr Mxylzptlk and the Beyonder would dominate anyone on this list (also after Beyonder became a hero to keep running with the whole superhero them).

  • Gogan

    Thor as #1 is ridiculous even Goku and Superman as #2 and 3 is wrong and how does Wolverine get into the mix here? Who ever made this list doesn’t know very much Thor has been beaten quite a few times by the Hulk who is rated to low on the list but shouldn’t be number one Silver Surfer is way too powerful as well as Doctor Manhattan who could make anyone of these blink out of existence. Argh!!

    • Lana Olushola

      Thor, in almost all his appearances, has NEVER been in a I MUST KILL YOU mind before, but more like a I MUST STOP YOU mind…

      So fix up HULK even with the THOR that went to the home of the frost giants in Thor 1 and lets see HULK try to stand a chance


    Erm. You all say thor is so good but the things ive seen superman do compared to thor is just crazy. For one thing it is infact true supes is vulnerable to magic but supes has survived an electric shock from the great wizard shazam HIMSELF which is about… 33 times stronger than thors hammer. Also supes has survived the omega beamed which has infact killed batman in blackest night. Supes also knows martial arts but doesnt use because of what he could do to his opponents. Supes can break the sound barrier in mere terriseconds. Supes can also punch a whole through reality if he wanted to…he literaaly did fighting his other self kal-L. Supes also has really on par reflexes to, I mean hes able to faze throgh objects if he wants to (never seen thor do that). I still dont get why he lets himself get punched.

    Now its thors turn… thor has fought a god named gor that took three of thors to beat. One from the past present and future (weak…ultraman crushed black adams jaw with his hand through him to the floor win black adams a godly figure). From what ive seen that ive liked of thor is when he fights hulk and it was actually intense because he could probbably challenge superman in strength. Ive seen thor throw his hammer to the edge of the milky way and back in less than a minute. Also the hammer I just a guide thor could move faster as he wants.

    Tell me what you think

    • Vanjor Aranas

      Let’s see superman pick up Mjolnir. Superman can’t! That’s why Thor is way better.

    • Franko

      Punch through reality? The Juggernaut, has on panel, been shown to punch through reality as well. That’s not anything unique to just Supes.