The 25 Most Extreme Aquariums in the World

Posted by on December 7, 2011

Aquariums are fascinating, but keeping one of your own can be a lot of hard work.  Most people start small with a simple 10 gallon aquarium that has a few goldfish, a plastic plant or two, and colorful rocks.  The aquariums in this list, however, are anything but simple.  These are the 25 most extreme aquariums in the world:

Takashi Amano, Aquascaping #1

The first five places on this list must go to Takashi Amano. He is a photographer, designer and a pioneer in aquascaping.


Takashi Amano, Aquascaping #2


Takashi Amano, Aquascaping #3


Takashi Amano, Aquascaping #4


Takashi Amano, Aquascaping #5


The Labyrinth Aquarium

The Labyrinth Aquarium is the gerbil cage of aquariums.


Jellyfish Aquarium

This Jellyfish Aquarium made the list not because of the aquarium, but because keeping jellyfish as a pet is extreme. Jellyfish are fragile so the aquariums must be designed with special care to keep them from being killed by the filtration. This aquarium is an awesome 2011 kickstarter project.


The Fish Highway

The Fish Highway allows fish to travel from one tank to another across an entire room.


The Fish N’ Flush is a kit to replace your toilet bowl with a fish bowl. The company that originally designed the Fish N’ Flush only made 2,000 so if you want one you’ll have to get lucky on eBay.


Car Aquarium

The Car Aquarium is an exhibit at Siam Ocean World in Bangkok.


Pieter van Suijlekom’s Reef Aquarium

Pieter van Suijlekom’s reef aquarium won Tank of the Month in February 2006.


Zero Edge Aquarium

Zero Edge aquariums have no lid on them. Instead the water overflows into a special basin that filters and recycles the water from the bottom. With no visible hoses or filtration equipment, this aquarium is the closest you can come to snorkeling in your living room.


David Saxby’s Aquarium

David Saxby’s tank is famous among aquarists. His tank has been featured in magazines and on television and it is easy to see why.



This aquarium brings a new meaning to the phrase swimming around in circles.


Spacearium Hanging Aquarium

The Spacearium is a hanging aquarium that comes in 55 gallon up to 75 gallon sizes.

Adam Wimsatt


Adam is a web developer and an aquarium enthusiast (aquarist). He runs multiple websites including eXtreme Aquatics, Stuff Journalists Like and High Road Artist.

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  • Truth Teller

    These arent really good looking aquariums…There just big or have plants that look OK

  • Curtis Parker

    These tanks are beautiful an very expensive

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  • bob saget

    lets go fishin!

  • muhammed shariq ibrahimi

    it was me who could not write my name sory abt that

  • Your Real Name

    Its awsome i am a crazy guy of these things i want to make one aquraium like study table it would be good for students like me to do there work as well as look the beauuty of nature

  • Ila

    These aquariums are beautiful! I love them all but the last one definitely needs some rocks, sand, algae, and shapes to swim through. Just being the biggest isn’t always the best. I feel the fish need some entertainment, too!