The 25 Most Beautiful Skylines in the World

Posted by , Updated on April 30, 2014

Ever since man walked upon the face of the Earth we have been trying to build things as high as we possibly can. Although sometimes it may be because we genuinely run out of horizontal space and are left with no options, it seems that for the most part our primary motivation stems from our egos. Over the course of the last century the title for worlds tallest building has changed hands numerous times and cities today are still trying to one up each other (at the times of this writing the title belongs to Dubai with the Burj Khalifa). This isn’t always a bad thing though especially for those of you who enjoy sightseeing. And if you include yourself in that category this your lucky day because from New York to Hong Kong these are the 25 most beautiful skylines in the world.

San Fransisco, USA

san fransisco

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Set against a backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge spanning the San Fransisco Bay, San Fran has some of the best nature/city views in North America.


Bangkok, Thailand

bangkok, thailand

This rapidly growing city is very similar to Jakarta in that it has a scattered skyline that reflects its chaotic and expanding nature.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

rio de janeiro, brazil

In the case of Rio de Janeiro it’s not so much the buildings that give it an incredible skyline as much as it is the iconic Christ the Redeemer Statue overlooking the city with Sugar Loaf Mountain in the background.


Beijing, China

beijing, china

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Largely due to hosting the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, Beijing underwent a lot of renovation, which included some impressive changes to its skyline.


Sydney, Australia

sydney, australia

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Home to the world famous Sydney Opera House, this city has one of the world’s most famous skylines.

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