The 25 Grossest Jobs You Could Have

Posted by on March 15, 2012

If you think your jobs is bad, think again. Unless it involves wading through human excrement, farming maggots, or peeling roadkill of the nation’s highways then you’ve got it pretty good because these are the 25 grossest jobs you could have. And if you can think of anything grosser just leave a comment below!


Maggot Farmer

Imagine having a job that smells so bad you need to take three showers a day just to not scare away the neighbors. It sounds terrible but raising maggots to sell as fishing bait or for agricultural purposes is an extremely lucrative profession.


Forensic Entomologist

By studying the development of maggots and other insects on dead bodies, these investigative professionals can tell things such as how long a body has been dead. It’s an important job but also a dirty one as most of your day is spent not just among dead people, but rotting, smelly dead people.


Chicken Sexer

To a farmer, knowing the sex of his or her chickens early on in life is necessary in order to determine the proper nourishment track (raise for meat, laying eggs, etc). The only way to do this at an early stage of development, however, is to literally squeeze the crap out of the chick, opening its anal vent, and allowing the sexer to see if it has a small bump indicating that it is male.



If your idea of having a good time includes removing puss from peoples faces as they get a facial then this may be the job for you.


Chimney Sweep

Although the profession isn’t as dangerous as it used to be and chimney sweeps no longer employ little boys to climb up narrow chimneys for them, this job is still one of the dirtiest around.


Slaughterhouse Worker

Its not just that your job involves killing things, but it also involves disemboweling them and separating the pieces. In fact, they said it would be enough to make some people go vegetarian, and evidently quite often it does.


Restaurant Dishwasher

If you think cleaning up after your kids at home is a mess, imagine cleaning up after hundreds of strangers day in and day out.


Fart Statistician

Did you know that on average you fart 13.6 times a day? Neither did we. But thanks to these fart counting number crunchers we have access to knowledge such as this.


Whale Snot Collector

This job is so gross that the scientists who do this dirty work actually invented a remote controlled helicopter to harvest the whale boogers for them. We know you’re wondering – why anyone would want whale boogers on their desk? Well, because they’re busy researching disease patterns in these oversized mammals.



Imagine if your entire professional life revolved around fixing peoples anal problems. That’s right. You would be a butt doctor and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your job is on this list.


Guano Collector

Guano, also known as bat poop (and sometimes bird poop), is a very effective fertilizer and even considered a delicacy in some locales. Because its usually found in caves it can take some special skills to harvest it properly, which is why we leave this job to the professional bat poop collectors.


Portable Toilet Cleaner

Armed with little more than a vacuum these brave souls venture forth into places most of society avoids. And although cleaning a port-o-potty may not be the most glorious job in the world, it’ll earn you at least $50,000 a year.


Poop Stirrer

Before scientists can do their DNA research someone needs to prepare their specimens, or to be more specific, collect the fecal matter. Not only this but it also has to be shaken up to form a special “solution” which is exactly where their poop stirring assistants come in.


Roadkill Remover

Scrape, scrape, scrape. That’s what your job sounds like as a professional roadkill remover. And while we’d venture to say there are less disgusting jobs out there, someone’s got to do it.


Armpit Sniffer

How do deodorant companies know whether or not their products are working? By employing armpit sniffers, that’s how.