The 25 Best Places To Watch The Sunset Around The World

Posted by on May 4, 2012

They say that no two sunsets are ever the same. Whether it’s the colors, the clouds, or the scenery each one has something unique about it. So get ready because from the lava fields of Iceland to the beaches of the Mediterranean you are about to experience the 25 best places to watch the sunset around the world.


The Serengeti, Tanzania

Its kind of like watching the Lion King except in real life and if you’re lucky enough you might even catch some elephants or rhinos silhouetted against the sunset.


Canals of Amsterdam

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With over 400 bridges arching over its romantic canals, Amsterdam has plenty of “perfect” spots to watch the sunset.


Mount Haleakala, Hawaii

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This dormant Hawaiian volcano shines like a gem on a blackened landscape when the setting sun’s rays rush across its steep slopes.


Grundarfjordur, Iceland

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This small Icelandic town is situated between a mountain range and a lava field making for some intense background scenery as you watch the sun fall below the horizon.


Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles

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Sitting on the beach watching people play miniature golf with the lights of a ferris wheel reflecting off of the breaking waves under a California sunset…indescribable.