The 25 Best Jobs Of 2012

Posted by on January 6, 2012

Picking a career is hard, in fact its so hard that most people will change theirs 5 to 7 times in their lifetime. But we here at List25 decided to simplify things for you. We found the careers that everyone else seems to like so now you just have to choose who you want to copy. Of course that is assuming that you are searching for a new career. Those of you stuck in your dead end jobs – we’re sorry, this may be a tough read.


Biomedical Engineer

Working closely with other scientists and physicians biomedical engineers are responsible for bringing us many of the advanced medical procedures we have today. They employ their knowledge of engineering to do everything from building MRI machines to developing new drug delivery processes. There is no other job that comes even close to matching the expected growth in this industry. It is calculated that jobs will increase by 72%. This is largely due to an aging population and extremely high demand for new medical technologies.


Emergency Management Specialist

Although not as visible as the Police, Paramedics, and Firefighters, Emergency Management Specialists work behind the scenes to make disaster response a success. Many times they are employed by governments but colleges, hospitals, and non-profits are big employers as well. Ever since 9/11 the job outlook as been fairly good especially considering that companies are more willing to pay for emergency planning and related services.



The eye is a complicated structure and optometry is therefore a complicated profession. Doctors of Optometry treat a wide variety of diseases and disorders pertaining to vision and there are even many opportunities to specialize within this already specialized profession. The expected job outlook is very positive especially when you combine an aging population with new advances in eye surgery.



When most people think of museum curators they probably imagine a grumpy old lady enforcing that impossible to keep “do not touch” policy. You couldn’t really fall farther from the truth though. The job of a curator can be as varied as the exhibits they curate. Many time they are required to do field work and research on various artifacts to determine authenticity and find new items to display. They tend to be experts in a particular field and may even publish journal articles on their research. Of course, curators have to know how to deal with the public as well considering that they are essentially the face of the museum.



Hollywood misconceptions aside, the job of an actuary involves significant risk…calculating it to be exact. Many times actuaries work for insurance companies employing mathematics to determine the likelihood of various events and risk of particular investments. Job outlook is expected to continue growing especially as the expanding healthcare industry begins to require more statistical and financial manpower.