The 25 Best Jobs Of 2012

Posted by on January 6, 2012

Picking a career is hard, in fact its so hard that most people will change theirs 5 to 7 times in their lifetime. But we here at List25 decided to simplify things for you. We found the careers that everyone else seems to like so now you just have to choose who you want to copy. Of course that is assuming that you are searching for a new career. Those of you stuck in your dead end jobs – we’re sorry, this may be a tough read.


Biomedical Engineer

Working closely with other scientists and physicians biomedical engineers are responsible for bringing us many of the advanced medical procedures we have today. They employ their knowledge of engineering to do everything from building MRI machines to developing new drug delivery processes. There is no other job that comes even close to matching the expected growth in this industry. It is calculated that jobs will increase by 72%. This is largely due to an aging population and extremely high demand for new medical technologies.


Emergency Management Specialist

Although not as visible as the Police, Paramedics, and Firefighters, Emergency Management Specialists work behind the scenes to make disaster response a success. Many times they are employed by governments but colleges, hospitals, and non-profits are big employers as well. Ever since 9/11 the job outlook as been fairly good especially considering that companies are more willing to pay for emergency planning and related services.



The eye is a complicated structure and optometry is therefore a complicated profession. Doctors of Optometry treat a wide variety of diseases and disorders pertaining to vision and there are even many opportunities to specialize within this already specialized profession. The expected job outlook is very positive especially when you combine an aging population with new advances in eye surgery.



When most people think of museum curators they probably imagine a grumpy old lady enforcing that impossible to keep “do not touch” policy. You couldn’t really fall farther from the truth though. The job of a curator can be as varied as the exhibits they curate. Many time they are required to do field work and research on various artifacts to determine authenticity and find new items to display. They tend to be experts in a particular field and may even publish journal articles on their research. Of course, curators have to know how to deal with the public as well considering that they are essentially the face of the museum.



Hollywood misconceptions aside, the job of an actuary involves significant risk…calculating it to be exact. Many times actuaries work for insurance companies employing mathematics to determine the likelihood of various events and risk of particular investments. Job outlook is expected to continue growing especially as the expanding healthcare industry begins to require more statistical and financial manpower.


Computer Systems Analyst

Computer Systems Analysts are the gurus behind the scenes who create and establish the computer systems that power businesses both large and small. With rapid advances in technology the demand for people in this profession is astronomical, especially with the advent of e-commerce and larger databases. Considering that only a bachelors degree is required for entry the potential payout is fairly lucrative hovering around $80,000.



As courtroom crazy as the world is becoming it flies in the face of logic to think that people would still submit their disputes to mediation, but the growth rate in this field remains above average. Many governments and corporations are seeing the value in mediation over litigation primarily because of the price tag…its significantly cheaper. The key in this industry is to gain experience in a niche and then eventually start your own firm.


Registered Nurse

As one of the fastest growing fields in the world nurses play a central and critical role in the health care system. Although there are many specialties and possible career paths a nurse can take, most nurses practice in physicians’ offices performing routine medical procedures such as checkups and shots. The outlook is tremendous and opportunity for advancement is high as well considering that many people move on to get masters degrees or become nurse practitioners.


Technical Writer

If you are one of those rare breeds that enjoy decoding assembly instructions then this may be the job for you. Technical Writers take hard to understand concepts and translate them into simple terms. This can include anything from the manual to your TIVO to the instructions on how to put together your office chair. Many times people in this profession freelance and specialization in medical and scientific fields can be a huge plus.


Sales Manager

This is certainly not a position for someone who can’t handle stress. Sales Managers are directly responsible for reaching the sales goals of the company and for finding a team to help reach that goal. This requires a broad skill set that combines numerical analysis with the ability to motivate others and establish solid client relationships. With great responsibility, however, comes great reward. The median earnings in this field hovered right around $100,000.


Network Architect

Network Architects, less commonly known as Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts, create and troubleshoot intranets for companies and governments. This job requires knowledge of both hardware and software and at times may require some manual labor when installing cables and other systems. As with any computer related field, the outlook for this profession is expected to be enormous and the payout quite nice as well.


Urban Planner

Part designer, part diplomat, Urban Planners are faced with the task of not only creating beautiful parks and residential complexes but also convincing everyone to get on board with the idea. Sometimes, however, the job involves less public elements such as simply making sure that the water and electricity continue to function as the project unfolds. Most new jobs will be with the government but as the population continues to expand there will be increased demand for housing and public transportation systems.


Physical Therapist

As health professionals Physical Therapists interact with Physicians and other providers by helping patients with rehab and recovery. The primary employers tend to be clinics and hospitals, while some therapists start their own private practices. Job outlook and pay is good across the board but its seems to be especially bright in rural areas.


Commercial Pilot

When most people think of pilot they immediately envision Boeing 767′s and trans-Atlantic overnighters. While this is true, most pilots work in a wide variety of other fields. Some are employed in the agricultural industry to dust crops while others help police and firefighters perform rescues. Jobs are expected to increase across the board, but with the recent layoffs in the the airline industry there may be a temporary spike in competition.


Financial Adviser

Within the financial services industry this is one of the more flexible career paths. Essentially it is whatever you make it. Many advisers do freelance work while other are employed by large financial services organizations. Specialization is usually key and many times you will find yourself competing with lawyers and accountants who are cross-certified. Although this profession is predicted to continue growing there is the possibility that more sophisticated and readily available online software could crowd out some jobs.