Link25 (227) – The Service Dog Heartbreak Edition

Posted by on January 6, 2017

For those of you who don’t know, every Friday we come to you with 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web. This past week has certainly not been a disappointment with everything from a massive break in Antarctica to the surprising treatment of a service dog at the hands of perfect strangers. So get ready to kick off the weekend because this is Link25 (227) – The Service Dog Heartbreak Edition.


I’m fortunate enough to have all of my physical faculties well within my control. With the exception of a left knee that slightly wobbles and gives out on me if I’m not a careful, I’m physically fit enough to walk, run, jump, and wake up in the middle of the night to raid the refrigerator and destroy my diet. (click on the article to see the full article).


MILTON, Ontario — It was a day for talking, not running. Snow was piled along the streets. The driveway was icy. Ed Whitlock’s shoulder hurt. His face had been puffy. He did not feel well enough for the cemetery.

At a visitor’s urging, Whitlock showed his display of novelty trophies. A beer can for winning a series of races as a 60-year-old. (“There’s still beer inside!”) A coffee mug for (click on the title to read the full article).