Link25 (222) – The Secluded Brazilian Tribe Edition

Posted by , Updated on December 2, 2016

For those of you that are new around here, every weekend we bring you 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web in a list we refer to as “Link25″. This week, you’ll find everything from the loss of a resupply spacecraft bound for the International Space Station to rare photos of a Brazilian tribe, so get ready because this is Link25 (222) – The Secluded Brazilian Tribe Edition.


Stephen Hawking’s PSA About Obesity Should Be Required Viewing


Now this is a commendable cause.

Stephen Hawking, distinguished English scientist, recently filmed a public service announcement to address one of the largest public health problems facing humanity today: Obesity.

“Millions of lives are in danger,” Hawking says in the video produced by Gen-Pep, a Swedish non-profit organization which promotes health for young people and children. “As a cosmologist, I see the world as a whole and (Click on the title to read the full article).


The Mummy - Trailer Tease

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Texas high school student commits suicide after years of cyberbullying, family says


A high school senior in Texas committed suicide on Tuesday in front of her relatives, and the family claims that she was a cyberbullying victim.

Brandy Vela, 18, was a senior at Texas City High School in Houston.

Brandy’s sister, Jacqueline Vela, 22, says she ran upstairs to find her sister in tears, with her back to the wall and a gun pointed at her chest. (Click on the title to read the full article).


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Life in the Ruins (trailer)

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Apple iPhone 8 may come with flexible OLED display


Apple, the Cupertino-based technology giant, has a lot riding on the 2017 edition of its most popular product today – the iPhone. Next year marks 10 years since the late Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPhone to the world, setting standards on which the world of smartphones have (click on the title to read the full article).


Luke Bryan punches a man flipping him off at Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam

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Rare photos of Brazilian tribe spur pleas to protect it


Spectacular new images of an uncontacted indigenous village in Brazil are stirring pleas from tribal leaders and rights advocates for government intervention to protect the settlement from illegal gold prospectors.

The aerial photographs show villagers gathered in the center of a traditional, circular structure inside the (click on the title to read the full article)


Day 1 Final Fantasy XV Sales Exceed 5 Million Units (Franchise Record)


Square Enix announced today that Day One Final Fantasy XV sales have exceeded five million units, making the newly released installment the fastest-selling in franchise history.

Admittedly, as pointed out by the press release, this is also the first game in the series to have a global simultaneous launch which certainly helped Day One Final Fantasy XV sales. It seems likely that the game will be eventually able to surpass (click on the title to read the full article).


Confidence is Key: Fails of the Week (December 2016) || FailArmy

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31 Terrifying And Twisted Original Images That You Won’t Be Able To Unsee


No doubt about, these are terrifying.


Dog loves ticklish fringe

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This School Asked Parents Not To Wear PJs While Dropping Off Kids So She Did This


“Basically it started with a few, then it went up to 10, then 20,” she said. “They were coming to parents’ evenings and Christmas concerts in pajamas as well. When it got to that point, I thought I might have to send a little letter out.” (Click on the title to read the full article).


Art Imitating Life

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Russian Resupply Ship Experiences Anomaly; International Space Station Crew is Fine


The Russian space agency Roscosmos has confirmed a Progress cargo resupply spacecraft bound for the International Space Station has been lost. The spacecraft launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan Thursday on a Soyuz rocket, but experienced an anomaly around six and a half minutes into its flight.

Six crew members living aboard the space station are safe and have been informed of the mission’s status. Both the Russian and U.S. segments of the station continue to (click on the title to read the full article).


How to sharpen a knife

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Why do Presidents get to pardon people at the end of their terms?


An armed insurrectionist, teamster with (perhaps) ties to the mafia, socialite turned terrorist, presidential sibling and even a former President of the United States have all received either a presidential pardon or commutation of their sentence. A tradition far older than any modern republic, with various emperors and (click on the title to read the full article).

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