Link25 (042) – The Stress Test Edition

Posted by on February 15, 2013

Back for another edition of Link25, our weekly “best of the web” collection, this weeks videos, articles, and images are sure to help you kill all of that time you don’t have. From the meanest snowball prank ever to a restaurant in China served entirely by robots, get ready to get down because this is Link25 (042) – The Stress Test Edition.


Picture of the Week: Trippy Ice Effect After Flood

This interesting capture by Redditor Willyyz shows the after-effects of a flood that had passed through this forested area near Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.


How Diving Seabirds Hunt Fish

Gannets are large sea birds that can be found in the North Atlantic as well as the coastal seas of Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The birds fish by diving from a height into the sea and pursuing their […]


Welcome To The Robot Restaurant In China

In another new chapter of artificial intelligences comes the restaurant that is served by robots. In the town of Harbin, China, there are robots that welcome, cook, serve and sing […]