Link25 (003) – Gangsta Wrap Edition

Posted by on April 19, 2012

Back for another edition of Link25, our weekly “best of the web” collection, this weeks videos, articles, and images are sure to help you kill all of that time you don’t have. From poker playing chameleons to your grandmother organizing a flashmob, get ready to get down because this is Link25 (003) – Gansta Wrap Edition.


What if logos told the truth?

Viktor Hertz is a talented graphic design artist that recently came out with anHonest Logo series where he imagines what iconic brands/logos might look like if they told the truth about their product/service.


ESPN Commercial: The Man Named Michael Jordan


The Recipe For Writing Success? Kill Your Characters

Ok aspiring fiction writers, if you’ve ever wondered how to write a successful novel, the secret is here: kill off your characters. Of the handful of books that won the prestigious Man Booker Prize in 2011, all 13 novels had the common theme of putting to death main characters… it’s a lot like the plot of Will Ferrell’s Stranger Than Fiction… everyone knows the story won’t be as good without a solid death.


Coachella & Tech Bring Tupac Back From The Dead

The late rapper Tupac Shakur may just be on his way to pulling off one of the greatest comebacks in music history: successfully coming back from the dead. A realistic yet haunting hologram of Tupac graced the stage with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre this weekend at the Coachella music festival in California, which closed out the first weekend of the massive music festival.


Elderly Flashmob


25 Most Popular Scams You Should Watch Out For

From high profile office buildings to shady street corners scammers are everywhere. Although we may be tempted to think that we’re smart enough to avoid their underhanded scheming, everyday thousands of people are conned out of their money and countless lives are ruined. In order to help keep you from becoming another statistic we’ve compiled this list of the 25 most popular scams you should watch out for.


The 7 Greatest Pieces of Wartime Trash Talk in the History of War

Some one-liners often attributed to famous historical figures in the heat of battle are just so awesome that they seem to be taken directly out of a bombastic war movie. The quotes in this article, however, aren’t like that: These are the real-life wartime quotes no one would ever put in a film, because they’re simply too insane to believe.