25 YA Novels About Girls Who Aren’t In Love With Vampires

Posted by on October 6, 2016

Young Adult fiction has come a long way since Judy Blume, and somehow, an even longer way since the most Mary Sue character ever fell in love with a sparkly vampire. The market for novels about young women being warriors or changing the world has absolutely exploded, and it’s a wonderful time to be a bookworm. While there are still the standard damsel in distress books if that’s your thing, this list is made up of books about girls who are doing their own thing, saving their kingdom, figuring out their lives, saying what’s on their minds, breaking or bending the rules when necessary, and often kicking butt or sacrificing for those they love. If you’re a woman, young or old, or someone who appreciates women, here’s a list of 25 YA novels about girls who aren’t in love with vampires.


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The Paper Magician

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This is a charming story by Charlie M Holmburg that has a unique take on magic – paper magic! – In Victorian England. It follows Ceony, who’s recently graduated and is now apprenticing magic as a Folder under the eccentric Magician Thane. When his ex-wife shows up to literally steal his heart, Ceony must overcome her fears and use every ounce of cleverness she possesses to save him.


Dorothy Must Die

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Dorothy Must Die is a novel about what happened after Dorothy found her way back to Oz, seized power, and everything went downhill. Amy has been recruited by the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked to set things right, but first she must steal a certain heart, some courage, and a brain. Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige is a great book for lovers of Dark Fairy Tales or those who want to know what happens after Happily Ever After.


The Kiss of Deception

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The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson is the first novel in The Remnant Chronicles. Lia, the princess of her kingdom, is supposed to have a gift to know the future, but she doesn’t. Even worse, she’s engaged to a prince she’s never met, who assumes she has this gift. The marriage is a political one to tie the two kingdoms together against the “barbarians.” The story starts out a little melodramatic, but by the end, this makes more sense.


Rebel Mechanics

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This novel by Shanna Swendson is an alternative history / steampunk novel and the first in a series. 16-year-old Verity Newton moves to New York to be a governess for a wealthy family that is part of the ruling class since they control the magical sources of power. However, an underground group of engineers is working on a steam engine to free the masses from relying on magical power sources.


The Dead House

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The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich has been described as “brilliant and wonderfully weird.” Two Decades ago a fire at the high school killed three students. No one knows what happened, except that one student disappeared, until someone finds a diary in the ruins that gives a very different version of events than the one everyone was told. The book’s format is not a straightforward chapter presentation, but rather told through entries in said mysterious journal and news clippings. Warning: this book delves into witchcraft and possession and has kept several readers awake at night.