25 Ways To Cut Your Spending And Save Money

Posted by on November 12, 2012

Saving money isn’t easy. We all seem to think that if we just made a little bit more we would finally have enough to start putting some away. Unfortunately this usually isn’t the case. As earnings increase, spending tends to rise as well. Saving takes a deliberate effort and while sometimes this means making sacrifices, in this list of 25 ways to cut your spending and save money we’ll go over some of the the easier ways to do so.


Slash Your Grocery Bill

There are several ways you can do this, one of which would be to only go shopping once a week, but if you do find it necessary to visit the grocery store more often then you should…


Cut Down On Impulse Buys

Before you go to the store make a list of what you need and no matter what happens don’t deviate! Also, some items should never be on your list, for example…


Bottled Water

Rather than drinking bottled water, buy a filter for your faucet at home…or don’t even go that far, in most developed countries tap water is perfectly potable.


Eat In Season Produce

Out of season produce can cost anywhere from 20% to 50% more than when it’s in season.


Time Your Buys

You can save nearly 50% if you know the right time to buy what you need. The air conditioner? Buy it in January. The Grill? September. It all has to do with store inventories and whether or not the item is currently in demand.



This is a sure fire way to save you big bucks on gas, especially when you live in a congested city. If you don’t no anybody or are new in town there are several websites out there that can assist you in finding a ride.


Drive Sensibly

Aggressive driving, rapid acceleration, and balancing your car on two wheels while driving through the desert will not only decrease your gas mileage but lead to more frequent vehicle repairs as well.


Observe The Speed Limit

Contrary to popular belief, the speed limit’s sole purpose is not to just prevent people from losing control of their vehicles, it also saves money. Generally speaking, for every 5 miles per hour that you drive above 60 miles per hour you are spending .24 dollars extra on every gallon of gas.


Keep Your Tires Inflated

By checking your tires once a week and keeping them properly inflated you can increase your car’s gas mileage by up to 3%.


Empty The Trunk

Make sure you’re not carrying around unnecessary weight. In small cars every extra 100 pounds can cut your gas mileage by up to 2%.


Buy Ink, Not Cartridges

Rather than buying completely new ink cartridges when your printer starts running low just get the ones you already have refilled.


Go Generic

Although in some cases the brand name product does provide some extra quality, for everything from batteries to pain relievers you’re best off going with the generic or store brand.


Work Out Cheap

Going anywhere from $30 per month to over $150 per month, if you have enough motivation you really don’t a gym membership to stay in shape.


Split Your Pills

In some cases when you are taking medication over the long term it can be cheaper to buy your prescription at twice the potency and then split the pills in half. Of course, you’ll have to consult with your physician before doing this.


Drop Your Landline

Approximately 20% of households no longer have landlines and for good reason…unless you’re running a business out of your home it’s pretty much a waste of money.