25 Ways To Save On Your Light Bill

Posted by on August 29, 2013

Allocating money for your water, cable, telephone, internet and electricity bills can be a major headache, especially when you are working on a very little budget. You consume water and electricity every day and you can never possibly think of living without your home appliances just to cut your costs. Actually, you can cut your costs without having to give up electronic use. However, to prevent your electricity bill from going beyond a tight budget, you have to be ready for some adjustments. Here is a list of 25 ways to save on your light bill:


Naturally dry your clothes under the sun


Not only will you be able to minimize the use of the electric dryer, but it also helps you maintain your clothes longer since you eliminate the possibility of clothes shrinking due to rapid drying.


Provide task lighting over your working desk


Providing task lighting over your working desk lets you have sufficient light while working or studying for an exam without lighting up the entire room. This helps you reduce the amount of electricity you consume when staying up late at night.


Use a laptop more often than a desktop computer


Laptops consume considerably less amount of electricity compared to desktop computers. Laptops consume around 15-42 watts, unlike desktop computers that consume around 65-250 watts. You can do just about the same tasks with your laptop without consuming as much electricity.


Choose an LCD monitor over an old CRT monitor


Unknown to most people, old CRT monitors consume double the amount of electricity that an LCD monitor does. By replacing the monitor you significantly curtail energy expenditure.


Use microwave oven as often as possible


Using a microwave oven is more efficient in reheating food as opposed to using the stove. A microwave oven can draw less than half of the power of other oven types as it heats and cooks for a much shorter time.


Rearrange your oven shelf before turning it on


Refrain from opening your oven while it is on just to peek at your food inside. Every time you open the door, 25 to 50 degrees F of heat are lost. That means more electricity is required to produce heat inside the oven and cook the food.


Install a solar hot water


By installing a heat pump or a solar hot water system you cut down on your energy consumption to a considerable extent because you no longer have to heat water through a heater every time you take a shower. This helps you save significantly on your light bill.


Replace your antique refrigerator with a new one


A 12-year old refrigerator uses more electricity than a newer one. Most refrigerators that are sold in appliance stores today comply with the Improved Minimum Energy Performance Standards so they are more energy-efficient. If you replace your old fridge with a new fridge, you can save up to $150 a year on your light bill.


Choose front loading washing machines over top loading washing machines


Front loading washing machines may look more expensive compared to top loading washing machines, but in the long run, they are more efficient to use because they consume less energy. These washing machines use around 60% less water and energy compared to top loading washing machines.


Have your air conditioner checked up regularly


Air conditioners are among the major electricity guzzlers of your house. Make sure that the system runs at its highest efficiency through regular cleanings and checkups. When an air conditioning system does not work well, it consumes higher amount of electricity than normal.