25 U.S. College Campuses That Are Believed to Be Haunted

Posted by on October 11, 2016

What would you do if we told you that your college campus is haunted? Well get ready because it just might be. There are stories from colleges across the United States that claim to have paranormal origins; stories of ghostly apparitions, unexplained events, and other occurrence that have “haunted” some unfortunate students. This especially true for old U.S. colleges that were built near locations of highly concentrated deaths such as Civil war battle fields. However, most of these stories seem to originate from tragic events in their respective school history such as suicides, accidents, and even occult practices. Today, we are going to bring to you 25 U.S. College Campuses that are believed to be haunted. Is your college on our list?


Hollins University – Roanoke, Virginia

Source: onlineschoolscenter.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

According to Hollins University’s 2012 guidebook, a number of urban legends center on the school’s Roanoke campus, the majority of them concerning ghosts. For that matter, there are many accounts that late at night, when no one is inside Presser Hall, music is said to emanate from it.


Wells College – Aurora, New York

Source: onlineschoolscenter.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

This small school was founded by the same guy who started Wells Fargo and American Express. It was originally founded as a finishing school for daughters of the elite who lived in the area and who hoped for their daughters to marry Cornell graduates. It quickly became known for its academics even though there are also a lot of stories about various ghosts that haunt the school and the surrounding town.


University of Illinois – Urbana, Illinois

Source: onlineschoolscenter.com, Image: Wikipedia

Literature and film students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign should take note: the school’s English building is said to harbor the ghost of a young woman who drowned. During the structure’s time as a women’s dorm from 1905 to 1937, an unfortunate student allegedly went to her watery grave in the swimming pool there, which has since been converted into an atrium. Many students have claimed witnessing supernatural phenomena while studying there but no solid proof has popped up.


University of Northern Colorado – Greeley, Colorado

Source: onlineschoolscenter.com, Image: Wikipedia

According to the University of Northern Colorado’s website, there’s “a ghost story for almost every building” on its Greeley campus, but UNC is not unique when it comes to haunted dorms or ghosts in the basement and things that go bump in the night. There are stories on every campus across the country, and UNC has its share. As with most ghost stories, those of the UNC ghosts have been passed from person to person through the years, a friend telling a friend about something that happened to another student on a dark night, of shadows and visions and voices in an empty building.


Kenyon College – Gambier, Ohio

Source: onlineschoolscenter.com, Image: Wikipedia

At Kenyon College where tales of haunted hallways pass from generation to generation, there is a richly embroidered folklore that can sometimes feel, well, eerie. Some Kenyon ghost stories grew out of actual events, such as the Old Kenyon Fire, while others have more questionable foundations. Reading through the “ghosts folder” in the college archives, you will find the phrase “it is said” used a great deal, which should tell you about the credibility of most of these stories.