25 Twitter Tips To Help You Tweet Like A Pro

Posted by , Updated on August 9, 2014

Almost everyone we know has a Twitter account and have a multitude of reasons for what and why they use Twitter. Some use it as a news feed while others use it as an RSS feed and some use Twitter as a messaging tool to communicate with friends and family. Aside from personal uses, Twitter has become an essential promotional tool for bloggers, Internet marketers and social media professionals. The question is then: Are you making the most of the time you spend on Twitter and generating the positive results you expect? To answer that question, we gathered 25 Twitter tips to help you tweet like a pro from successful, influential power Twitter users.


Esta Singer @SheConsulting

Esta Singer

“Be real. Engage peeps who inspire. Be relevant, retweet, reach out. Twitter is a gift. Be present to others, they’ll be present for you.

I wrote this quote about a year after I started twitter: Like wind in the sky, twitter takes ideas to places out of your control, and returns ideas within your grasp.” ~ @sheconsulting

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Henie Reisinger @HennArtOnline

Henie Reisinger

“To gain new followers you have to follow people back, but not necessarily everybody. One of the most helpful sites to help me manage this is Manage Flitter. Not only will it help you weed out inactive accounts, it will also show you who isn’t following you back.

And since being new may be undoubtedly overwhelming at first, make sure to utilize the “Favorite” function within the Twitter platform. Not only is this a good way for you to “mark” where you left off or perhaps note good content you may want to look at later, it will also let the original content creator know that you have taken the time and are interested in what they have to share…and who knows, it may very likely prompt them to start following you.”

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Hey Kim @HeyKim

Hey Kim

I Choose Kindness.

On twitter, as in LIFE, we CHOOSE who we associate with. I surround myself with people who go OUT OF THEIR WAY to be nice.. to be helpful, to be comforting , to be supportive.. to be KIND.

Kindness can entail many things- but keeping it simple – 3 S’s


CHOOSE to follow people  on twitter who are giving & helpful,  funny, smart, talented, artistic, brave & inspirational and ALL share their gifts. I support them by sharing those things with my followers, who in turn share them. When we use our talents to help someone else become successful, we all win. 

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Jason Eng @JasonEng_

Jason Eng

Fixate on the relationships, not the numbers.

“It’s really easy to become fixated with the numbers like how many followers you have or what your follow to follower ratio is.  And it’s easy to get obsessed with trying to raise your Klout or Kred score.  Instead of fixating on the numbers, focus on building good relationships with others on Twitter.  Social isn’t about the numbers, it’s about the relationships.  Be patient and build good relationships, you can meet some pretty awesome people on Twitter.  ‘Pay it forward’.”

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Jessica Northey @JessicaNorthey

Jessica Northey

“Be true to yourself but also try to make Social Media useful for your followers. Hold up a “mirror” to the kind of people you want to attract and provide information / tips that benefit THEM. ”

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