25 Tips For Improving Your Photography

Posted by on September 12, 2013

Imagery can be quite powerful. It can exude emotion, invoke reactions and can make you dream of possibilities. Photography is a powerful medium that enables artists to capture a world seen through varying lenses (whether physical or ideological) by etching a concrete display of the flitting images of life, such as when a butterfly springs out of its cocoon or when a seed starts to sprout. In order to help you capture these special moments, here are 25 tips for improving your photography.


Daydream (pre-visualize) what your shot is going to look like in your mind and walk through the steps you’ll need in order to get it.


Try making use of wide lenses for landscape shots. Vistas come alive when you shoot with the widest lens possible


Keep the main subject sharp. Details draw the viewers’ eyes to the subject. To do so, use a tripod in low light situations or a fast shutter speed when light is available.


Keep backgrounds clean, simple and free of clutter. Backgrounds make or break shots.


Familiarize yourself with the effects of the sky. Fluffy white clouds can produce some dramatic effects. On the other hand, overcast skies acts as a giant soft box perfect for motion blur effects.