25 Things You Didn’t Know About Nelson Mandela And His Enduring Legacy

Posted by on December 6, 2013

Although western media always painted him as a hero, Nelson always resisted his public image and insisted that he was “an ordinary man who had become leader because of extraordinary circumstances”. Granted, not all of the things on this list are upstanding, and like all of us he had his share of faults, but by the end you’ll find out 25 things you didn’t know about Nelson Mandela and his enduring legacy.


His parents didn't name him Nelson. This name was randomly given to him by a teacher at school.


He grew up in a tribal village and was the first in his family to attend college



He studied to be a lawyer and ended up as a high ranking member of the African National Congress, a group resisting apartheid.



Contrary to popular belief, he was not a pacifist. Although initially he opposed violence he eventually deemed it necessary but he never condoned violence towards civilians.



He even received guerilla training in Morroco and Ethiopia



He was married three times, the last time when he was 80 years old



His second wife was name Winnie, and she was crazy. She got arrested for torturing and murdering several people while Nelson was in prison.



You probably already know this but he was in prison for 27 years because of anti government activity



He rejected numerous conditional offers of release



He loved boxing



Because the African National Congress was declared a terrorist group by South Africa both the US and UK ended up putting Nelson on their terrorist watch lists



The US didn't take him off until 2008



Not surprisingly the US, UK, and France all vetoed sanctions against South Africa during the brutally racist apartheid regime because they were trade partners



Back to Nelson, he had a lot of personal vices he was known for. One of the biggest included womanizing



He knew it too. Although western media always painted him as a hero he always insisted that he was "an ordinary man who had become leader because of extraordinary circumstances"


David Pegg


After helping found the United Nations, the United States, and United Airlines, David consigned himself to a transient life of writing lists and sleeping on park benches.

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  • Nicolas

    Social media is exploding at the moment of sympathy statements for Nelson Mandela and before long , the sky over South Africa become black of private jets filled with government leaders , celebrities and their consequences , which will all flock to Mandela’s funeral. A funeral which is guaranteed to get epic and its output will be hundreds of countries will be cleared in the quest to document every detail .
    Mandela will surely go down in history as the person who received the highest number of post- humous Tributes – well, do not be surprised if another Nobel Medal is awarded – but who was he really Mandela ?
    Well, some would call him a former militant communist terrorist. The fact is that in his younger years was the leader of the ANC’s militant wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK ), which was behind numerous bombings, land mines, murders and tortures . MK was brutal and has hundreds of innocent lives on his conscience .
    ANC , which is after all a socialist party was incidentally also behind several concentration camps where torture was daily life for many …
    Not even Amnesty International wanted something with Nelson Mandela to do and would not asso ciates him Prisoner of Conscience :
    The opinion of hele movement was canvassed on this issue during the summer of 1964 a synthesis of all the handwritten views received was presented til International Assembly to Canterbury in September. The degree of unanimity botheration of the letters and of the speeches was remarkable.While the greatest sympathy was uttryckte for dem som find sig Deprived of every form of public protest , the movement recorded det could not provide the name of ‘ Prisoner of Conscience ‘ to anyone Associated with violence , even though as in ‘ convential warfare ‘ a degree of restraint kan exercised .
    Mandela used playing with some of the world ‘s most brutal dictators. In 1995, Mandela ANC had received large donations from Indonesia’s brutal dictator , Suharto , who has millions of lives on his conscience . To begin with Mandela not tell how much money the ANC had received , but later it was revealed that it was about 60 million USD.
    ANC receives incidentally huge donations from special Saudi Arabian dictators – some even on Mandela’s personal request – and overall , there is well over 1 billion USD . As a peculiarity was such Ghaddafi one of those who sent money to the ANC !
    Is there no one who can see the grotesque in the ANC – which claims to be fighting for freedom – receive the bulk of their money from some of the biggest violators of human rights ?
    South Africa has seen huge changes since Mandela took power . The low-paid white population is hunted and many are now living in extreme poverty while the number of white farmer is halved – either assaulted and scared away or simply killed.
    Black Empowerment Economic ( BEE ) is a program initiated by the ANC , which basically assumes that whites must transfer ownership of companies to blacks and give them top positions . Licenses for such mining is only given to companies / consortia large proportion ( up to 75 %) of black ownership. This has led to huge corruption and nepotism and not surprisingly , many of the ANC’s top officials and friends now extremely wealthy . One of them is Cyril Ramaphosa – a former union boss and number 2 in the ANC – which now, according to Forbes is 675 million USD worth .
    Finally Mandela accused of having enriched his own family in a grotesque degree.
    Mandela was perhaps not the saint, he will certainly be elevated to and that the ANC is a corrupt crony party where members live in crazy extravagant luxury (paid by taxpayers) , is without a doubt!

    See this video:


  • Muller Mentz

    If the world wants to sanction Mandela as a hero (and a christ!!) then surely the same must go for Castro and Gaddafi?? Don’t worry, he will be judged by the Chief Judge. How can we hold him up as a hero … look at his legacy … look at South Africa today and the pathetic leaders that followed Mandela (the example of a “savior”).

    • Serame

      Using your analogy, Jesus Christ cannot be a messiah because of the world today. What a nonsensical analogy!!!

  • Leo Erwin

    Of course while I was gowing up…this man was a holy terror to the world. He was no angel., through the time of events he seemed to have a change of view…It is kindly in the end., however…he really does not deserve the flags at half mast in the this country.., it is an insult to the actual heroes that have been put down for freedom. We are America…even with the hell we put up with a president of socialistic and communist thought and has allegiance to islamic mind set. We will survive and gain our freedom using better sense and monitoring. The present staff of this country will be out and new blood in. Perhaps using some of the kind thoughts of Mandella..of his late days. However,…he does not deserve flag half down in this country…or any other country for that matter….perhaps in the strife riddled South Africa, but not here.

    • Graz

      Sorry, Leo, you sure aren’t my America. Nice unhinged rant, by the way. I take it you supported the Afrikaner Broederbond?