25 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Bieber

Posted by , Updated on April 18, 2014

Love him or hate him, it’s impossible to get past the fact that “Bieber fever” has taken over the minds of pubescent teenage girls the world over…or at least we hope it’s limited to that demographic. Like with the impending zombie apocalypse, however, there are several things you should know about Justin Bieber that may or may not help you survive (at the very least they will allow you to communicate with your teenage daughter). To help you out with this we have compiled a list of 25 things you didn’t know about Justin Bieber.

Wore his first tux this year to the White House Correspondents dinner

TIME/CNN/People/Fortune 2010 White House Correspondents' Dinner Pre-Party

The Beebs looking all grown up.


Has two Segways on tour


Apparently he has mastered driving them with no hands.


Is left-handed

pic #13

For all you lefties out there who thought you could never amount to anything…here’s your inspiration.


Afraid of sharks but loves jet skiing

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez go for a jet ski excursion on their Hawaiian getaway

Honestly though, who isn’t afraid of sharks? At least when your speeding around in a jet ski you’re a moving target.


The only sneakers he wears multiple times are the ones he wears on stage

pic #11

Just like you eat a different sandwich every day for lunch, Justin wears a different pair of shoes everyday because…well, he’s Justin.

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