25 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Bieber

Posted by on July 5, 2012

Love him or hate him, it’s impossible to get past the fact that “Bieber fever” has taken over the minds of pubescent teenage girls the world over…or at least we hope it’s limited to that demographic. Like with the impending zombie apocalypse, however, there are several things you should know about Justin Bieber that may or may not help you survive (at the very least they will allow you to communicate with your teenage daughter). To help you out with this we have compiled a list of 25 things you didn’t know about Justin Bieber.


Beat Shaq at basketball

While this is true, it honestly says more about their friendship than it does about Justin’s basketball skills.


Plays basketball backstage during each of his concerts

Justin likes it because he says it “takes his mind off everything” and helps him relax.  While he’s waiting to go on stage or while the crew is setting up he’s back playing some b-ball.


Loves snowboarding

You have to wonder when he has time to go snowboarding but he says he likes to do it.


Non-brand shampoo and conditioner at hotels are the best

According to Justin, name brand is not always the best brand. He even has a personal collection of hotel shampoos.


Favorite sandwich is tomato and mayo on wonder bread

At least he doesn’t have to worry about anyone stealing his lunch.