25 Strangest Things You Can Buy Online

Posted by on December 10, 2012

While most of us have done our fair share of shopping online how many times have you bought a tank over the internet? Or how about an imaginary friend? Well, if you haven’t then get ready because these are the 25 strangest things you can buy online.


The Moon

Well, not the whole moon, but 1 acre in the sea of tranquility can be bought for $32 through the New York based Lunar Registry.


Fake Fat

Although it may have some redeemable use as an exercise motivator, there is no way that 5 pounds of artificial fat wouldn’t make this list.


Baby Wigs

Featuring everything from Lil Kim to Samuel L Jackson these miniature wigs let parents everywhere get a good laugh at the expense of their kids.


Drive Through Kit

When we say drive through kit we’re not joking. The kit from Brevita Cooperative Association actually includes a physical drive through unit for you to kick start your business.


USB Pet Rock

All you have to do is plug the cable into the rock, sit back, and watch it not do anything.


Banana Guard

For all those times you wish your banana had just a little more protection we introduce to you the most efficient banana defense mechanism known to man…the banana guard.


A Serial Killer’s Fingernails

Roy Norris, a famous serial killer, had his fingernail shavings sold on the internet for $10 a pop.



The Millionaires Concierge lets you “rent” celebrities for private events. Prices range anywhere from $25,000 per day to $350,000 dollars per hour.


A Mech

For $350,000 you can buy yourself a commercial battle mech from a Japanese company called Sakakibara-Kikai.


Urine Powered Batteries

Leave it to the Japanese to inventing something like this.