25 Strangest Courtroom Cases That Actually Happened

Posted by , Updated on July 14, 2017

Courtroom cases are filled with hundreds of lawsuits a day. They’re everywhere. We love them for their drama and intrigue, which is probably why Judge Judy and The People’s Court became so popular. A good portion of the time, lawsuits are legit and need to be heard. But, let’s be honest, all the others are usually just a get-rich-quick scheme. However, it’s not just lawsuits. Even criminal cases have dipped their feet in the bizarre, making very little sense at all. Want to hear about why some of these people are going to court? Here are the 25 Strangest Courtroom Cases That Actually Happened.

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Woman Sued Her Divorce Lawyers for Getting Divorced

divorce-separation-marriage-breakup-split-39483Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com

Devout Roman Catholic Jane Mulcahy didn’t quite get that divorce meant divorce. When she found out her marriage was terminated by her divorce lawyers, she was quite upset and didn’t want to terminate the marriage after all. So…she sued her divorce lawyers for not explaining to her that she was getting a divorce.


8-Year-Old Nephew Sued By Aunt for "Careless" Hug

hug sunsetSource: http://www.facesoflawsuitabuse.org

Hugging extended family can be pretty awkward at times. But 8-year-old Tarala was so excited to see his Aunt Jen that he raced up to hug her. Surprised, she went to hug him but toppled over and broke her wrist. Aunt Jen, in all her love, turned around and filed a lawsuit against him for $127,000. It didn’t take long for the jury to decide Aunt Jen wasn’t getting a cent.


Man Sued Almost Everyone for 2 Undecillion Dollars over a Dog Bite

Ellsworth_dog_biteSource: http://nypost.com

Anton Purisima sued the city, NYC transit, two local hospitals, Au Bon Pair store, among many others because he was bitten by a “rabbies-infested” dog on a city bus. He essentially asked for all the money in the world. (Undecillion isn’t a fake number. It’s 340 trillion trillion trillion.)


Guinness Book of World Records Was Sued for Naming Man "Most Litigious"

Jamie_Card_aka_Jonathan_Lee_RichesSource: http://abcnews.go.com

Being litigious is being easily disagreeable and particularly in this case, prone to filing lawsuits.The Guinness Book of World Records wanted to name Jonathan Lee Riches the world’s most “Litigious man,” but once he found out about it, they probably regretted the decision. He turned around and sued them for it, claiming they got their facts wrong. He’s filed 4,000 lawsuits, not the 5,500 Guinness Book of World Records claimed.


Policewoman Claimed Pineapple Gave Her PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression

pineappleSource: http://www.express.co.uk

Tracey Ormsby was handling a protest in Glasgow when violence erupted and projectiles were thrown. One of these projectiles was a pineapple, hitting Ormsby. She filed a lawsuit for 1.5 million pounds, claiming the demonstration was poorly handled and the pineapple caused her PTSD, anxiety, and depression, ruining her career. Though, the court found out much of what she claimed was greatly exaggerated and was granted only 3,000 pounds.


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