25 Smartest Celebrities

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Most don’t think actors and celebrities are very bright. But, sometimes appearances can be deceiving. In fact, you likely didn’t realize Kesha has an IQ of 140. And she’s not the only one. Many celebrities have high IQ’s equal to Stephen Hawking and/or advanced degrees from Ivy League colleges. But who are these famous brainiacs? Here are 25 Smartest Celebrities.

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Emma Watson

emma watsonSource: https://www.biography.com

Despite being a childhood star and becoming instantly famous for playing Hermione Granger, Emma Watson scored highly on her high school equivelency exams and was accepted into Brown University. She graduated from Brown with an English degree and soon after became a UN Goodwill Embassador.


Matt Damon

matt damonSource: http://www.purpleclover.com

Good Will Hunting thrust him into the spotlight; a story about a boy genius who works construction might not be too far off for Matt Damon. He’s said to have an IQ of 160. He attended Harvard University before dropping out to pursue acting.


James Woods

james woodsSource: http://www.thefamouspeople.com

James Woods got a perfect SAT score of 800 in the verbal section and a 779 in the math portion. His high scores allowed him to be accepted into M.I.T. While there, he studied political science but left to pursue acting.


Natalie Portman

natalie portmanSource: https://www.biography.com

When she wasn’t playing Padme or winning Academy Awards, Natalie Portman was actively pursuing her education at Harvard. She graduated with honors.


James Franco

james francoSource: https://www.biography.com

Known for his role in Spider-man as Harry and for his comedic roles with Seth Rogan, James Franco gets degrees like they’re an extracurricular activity. He graduated from UCLA with a creative writing degree and went on to Columbia University to get a masters in creative writing. While enrolled at Columbia, he also went to the Tisch School of Fine Arts. After completing his MFA, Franco enrolled at Yale University to get his Ph.D. in English. He also completed a masters degree in filmmaking at NYU.

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