25 Scariest Amusement Park Rides In The World

Posted by , Updated on May 18, 2017

We all need a good scare now and then. It’s the whole reason why amusement parks exist in the first place. Feeling the anticipation before getting on a ride and then that quickened pulse and rush of adrenaline afterward can be addicting. Most rides have their varying degree of risk, but others take it to a whole new level. Here are the 25 Scariest Amusement Park Rides In The World.

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Hades 360

WisconsinDellsWisconsinRollercoasterSource: https://www.mtolympuspark.com

Hades 360. It might seem like a regular old wooden roller coaster, but looks are deceiving. Hitting up to 70 miles per hour (112 km/hr), this roller coaster is an oddity as it’s the first wooden roller coaster have a 360-degree roll and has the world’s longest underground tunnel. With a name like Hades 360, you can bet it’s pretty terrifying.


Wicked Twister

Wicked_Twister_(Launch)Source: https://www.cedarpoint.com

Wicked Twister propels passengers 72 miles per hour (115 km/hr) up a 215-foot (65 meter) vertical incline that twists and then shoots them back to the other side to do the same thing all over again. Wicked Twister, indeed.


Fury 325

Carowinds-Fury325EntrySource: https://rcdb.com/12273.htm

The Fury 325 has broken a ton of records. One might even say it’s an over-achiever. It reaches up to 95 miles per hour (152 km/hr), and its maximum height is 325 feet (99 meters), effectively making it the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. So, if you’re looking to get your scream on, this might be the place to go.



Takabisha_under_construction_3Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Opening in 2011, the Takabisha literally translates in English as “Domineering.” It’s famous for becoming world’s steepest roller coaster with a 121-degree drop, making it into the Guinness Book of World Records.



EejanikaSource: https://rcdb.com/3254.htm

Let’s stay in Japan for a second and talk about Eejanaika, which translates to “Ain’t it great!” It probably should mean, “Ain’t it horrifying!” The world’s second “Fourth Dimension” roller coaster, its seats can rotate in a controlled 360-degree spin. According to the Guinness Book of the World Records, it holds the record for the roller coaster with the most inversions…and probably also the messiest clean ups by janitors.

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