25 Scariest Amusement Park Rides In The World

Posted by , Updated on May 18, 2017

We all need a good scare now and then. It’s the whole reason why amusement parks exist in the first place. Feeling the anticipation before getting on a ride and then that quickened pulse and rush of adrenaline afterward can be addicting. Most rides have their varying degree of risk, but others take it to a whole new level. Here are the 25 Scariest Amusement Park Rides In The World.

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Intimidator_305_ride_as_seen_from_Eiffel_TowerSource: https://www.carowinds.com/

There’s nothing more intimidating than standing in line at a roller coaster, staring up at the first massive drop. For the Intimidator, that drop is 232-feet (70 meters) high with a 72-degree angle, hitting speeds up to 80 miles per hour (128 km/hr). Do everyone a favor and don’t eat right before this one.


Insanity on The Stratosphere Tower

StratosphereSource: http://www.stratospherehotel.com

Ever wondered what it’s like to hang off a skyscraper with nothing underneath but the air and the ground below? The Insanity at The Stratosphere Tower answers that question and more, hanging people 900-feet above Las Vegas while spinning them around in circles. Anyone afraid of heights would be wise to stay away from this one.



Stealth CoasterSource: http://www.totalthorpepark.co.uk

The Stealth roller coaster is a super short ride. Some might say it’s stealthy. Propelling from 0 to 80 miles an hour (128 km/hr), it quickly climbs up a 205-feet (62 meter) incline and then immediately drops, making a 90-degree turn before returning. Blink and you might miss it, but chances are you’ll still feel the 4.5 g-force going down.


Ultra Twister in Japan

The_last_loop_in_Ultra_Twister,_Nagashima_Spa_LandSource: https://rcdb.com

The Ultra Twister at Nagashima Spa Land in Japan has a very unusual design. Putting four people in a car, it takes the riders up a vertical incline, thrusts them down a track, and spins 360-degrees through a tunnel, stops, lowers the car down an elevator, and shoots the car backward while twisting 360-degrees. Talk about a mind job.


Tower of Terror II

Tower_of_Terror_DreamworldSource: https://www.dreamworld.com.au/

The first roller coaster to reach 100 miles per hour (160 km/hr), the Tower of Terror II lives up to its name and then some. As passengers sit inside a tunnel, they are shot out like a canon riding up a vertical incline before riding back down. When a theme park ride gets a sequel, it’s either epic, terrifying, or a bit of both.

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