25 Reasons You Should Laugh Out Loud Often

Posted by , Updated on June 11, 2014

People need to laugh more often these days. With so much going on around us, it’s tempting to sulk in discouragement. But don’t let that happen. Life is too short and too precious. Instead, laugh out loud… What is that? You say you have “no reason to laugh out loud”? Well, in that case, check out these 25 reasons you should laugh out loud often.

Laughter encourages creativity

Laughter encourages creativity.photoscanpros.com

Aside from causing people to think logically, laughter also encourages creativity. In fact, it is often considered a “creative thinking exercise” to purposely laugh out loud.


Laughter increases your lifespan

Laughter increases lifespan.ritchieacecamps.com

The combination of the many benefits to laughter has shown to increase longevity of life. In fact, in a 20 year study, researchers found that those who held a more positive outlook on life increased their lifespan to 7.8 more years.


Laughter helps improve a person’s productivity

Laughter helps improve a person’s productivity.www.allenschool.edu

Some studies show that laughter actually positively affects productivity. The positive mood of a person allows them to be better at creative problem solving. They also have more energy, have higher motivation to work, and are optimistic about challenges that come their way.


Laughter improves relationships

Laughter improves relationships.drperrone.com

According to studies, couples who do sessions of laughter meditation together find a tremendous improvement in their relationship. Moreover, families that laugh often have closer ties and do well in balancing the stresses of life.


Laughter keeps you looking young

Laughter keeps people young.impowerage.com

The face displays a great amount of our stress via tightened muscles and wrinkles. But when we laugh, tension from the face, neck and head is released. As such, we maintain a more youthful appearance.

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