25 Reasons You Should Laugh Out Loud Often

Posted by , Updated on June 11, 2014

People need to laugh more often these days. With so much going on around us, it’s tempting to sulk in discouragement. But don’t let that happen. Life is too short and too precious. Instead, laugh out loud… What is that? You say you have “no reason to laugh out loud”? Well, in that case, check out these 25 reasons you should laugh out loud often.

Laughter helps people improve their coping skills

Laughter helps people improve their coping skills.bigpicture.ru

A good laughter causes the brain to release stress relieving endorphins which increases people’s ability to cope with stressful situations.


Laughter helps a person learn how to manage pain

Laughter helps a person learn how to manage pain.www.psychologies.co.uk

Researchers at the University of Oxford found that laughter plays a significant role in increasing a person’s pain tolerance by encouraging the body to release the feel-good chemical endorphin.


Laughter provides another form of physical exercise

Laughter provides another form of physical exercise.www.ourvanity.com

Laughing can actually be a form of exercise, too. Laughing exercises the diaphragm, shoulders and abdomen (however, don’t quit your gym membership in exchange for a “Laugh-your-self-into-great-shape” plan).


Laughter makes you more attractive

Laughter boosts one’s social skills.asoundscapeofmylife.wordpress.com

Research has shown that laughing increases your attractiveness. Not surprising research also shows that it’s easier for a person to “score” if the person is witty and funny.


Laughter helps reduce aggression

Laughter helps reduce aggression.www.flickr.com

Laughter is said to be like a hypothetical knife that cuts tension from a room and allows people to relax. As laughter helps reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body and relax the muscles, it helps people become calmer and less aggressive.

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