25 Places You Have To See Before You Die

Posted by on August 27, 2012

Not long ago we came to you with the most incredibly super awesome bucket list of all time and while it included quite a few ridiculous activities (riot tourism?) it didn’t mention much in the way of traveling or seeing the world. So, as a gift to all of you globetrotters out there we decided to fix that and put together a list of 25 places you have to see before you die.


Tianzi Mountains, China

Tianzi MountainsFound in the Hunan province of China, the unique views from atop the Tianzi Mountains can be accessed by cable car.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, ItalyThe site of some of the largest volcanic eruptions in history, this Greek island features picturesque beach side towns and Mediterranean sunsets.

Machu Pichu, Peru

Machu Pichu, PeruSituated on a mountain ridge overlooking Urubamba Valley in Peru, this is probably one of the most iconic remains of the massive Incan Empire.

The Azores

The AzoresComposed of several volcanic islands in the North Atlantic the Azores are well known for their beautiful geography and isolation.

The Great Wall, China

The Great Wall, ChinaStretching thousands of miles along northern China the Great Wall was in fact several shorter walls joined together in part to provide protection from tribes to the north.

Petra, Jordan

Petra, JordanUnknown to the western world until Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt stumbled across it in 1812, this is now one of the most visited attractions in the Middle East.

Bagan, Burma

Bagan, MyanmarAn ancient city located in the Mandalay region of Burma, Bagan contains over 2,000 temples and pagodas from between the 9th and 13th centuries.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Antelope Canyon, ArizonaThe most visited and photographed slot canyon in the American Southwest is only accessible by permit due to it’s status as a Native American tribal park.

Ayers Rock, Australia

Ayers RockMore formally known as “Uluru” this large sandstone formation in central Australia is the the largest monolith (single rock) in the world and is one of Australia’s most recognizable landmarks.

Tanah Lot, Indonesia

Tanah Lot, IndonesiaThis exotic rock off the coast of Bali features an ancient temple sitting upon its crumbling face.

Meteora, Greece

Meteora, GreeceThe surreal Meteora monasteries of Greece were originally built by monks to be a refuge from Turkish invaders and until 100 years ago there wasn’t any way to get to them except for rope ladders. Today, however, you can take a cable car or walk up the perilous staircase cut into the stone.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, BoliviaLocated in southwest Bolivia Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat.

Preikestolen, Norway

Preikestolen, NorwayAlso known as the Preacher’s Pulpit, visiting this 600 meter high cliff is not recommended in winter or spring when the path to the top is paved with ice. In summer though the view of the valley below is breathtaking.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes, CroatiaYou may recognize this gem from our list of the 25 most amazing waterfalls in the world. Located in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes is actually 16 separate bodies of water divided into upper and lower basins by natural dams consisting of moss and algae.

The Twelve Apostles, Australia

The Twelve Apostles, AustraliaThis collection of limestone stacks off the coast of Port Campbell National Park in Australia attracts roughly 2 million tourists every year.
David Pegg


After helping found the United Nations, the United States, and United Airlines, David consigned himself to a transient life of writing lists and sleeping on park benches.

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  • Maya

    Visiting lovely and beautiful places and resorts is always my desire. Your collection in, 25 Places You Have To See Before You Die enhance my wish and provide awesome knowledge and overview of these beautiful places. I have an opinion that beauty is always inside the person so one can realize the beauty if he or she have beauty in heart. Thank

  • Narayanaswamy

    Totally Misleading and made with very limited knowledge!
    No Paris, No India, No Silk Route!

    Please educate yourself before advising others!

    • rentondarcy

      Totally agree. There are too many of these ‘definitive’ lists now – so much of the world is accessible in this day and age and they are largely worthless because there are SO many wonderful sights. However, even if you like these pointless things, two places in Australia and two in Greece out of 25 is just ludicrous.

  • sebastian

    on my trip to thailand phiphi was the ugliest island!!!

  • Mikhlafi

    No3. Socotra, a unique island ( Northern Mariana Islands, Yemen)

  • Lucas Padilha Itoi

    I’ve been to Santorini a few times, it’s a FANTASTIC place, and also to Croatia, but only in Dubrovnik.

  • denzel

    Table mountain south africa

  • Indonesia_Beautiful

    Tanah Lot Bali??? are you F kidding me? there are lots of places that much more beautiful than tanah lot in Indonesia example Komodo Island, Raja Ampat, Wakatobi,etc. Please wider your knowledge about that.

  • Izzy

    Santorini Italy ???! WTF Santorini is GREEK

  • braian

    what about Torres del Paine in Chile?

  • Frenchee

    What about New Zealand and Africa ?

  • Mxx

    The city Lens, in France.

  • Ilya

    Japan somewhere? Fuji??

  • Jacques

    Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa? Cape Point, Cape Town, South Africa?

  • Dennis

    Not a single place in Africa except the pyramids! Let’s consider: Victoria Falls, Lake Kariba, Mana Pools, Gorillas, Messum and Doros Craters, Etosha, Gorongosa Hwange and a heap of other significant National Parks, Okavango, Serengeti, the Great Rift Valley, Any of the lakes of the Great Rift Valley, Table Mountain, Kilimanjaro Timbuktu, pauses to catch a breath …

  • Tim

    You could swap the 12 apostles for any number of places in NZ. The Pancake Rocks, Rotorua, The Soutth Island’s West Coast, etc. Highly recommended.

    • rentondarcy

      Agree 100%. Almost like the author has never heard of NZ, let alone been there.

  • Susmitha

    This list is incomplete without Taj Mahal,India

  • Rajan

    Been to 2 of the sites. Too bad Milford sound in NZ not listed ??

  • flavin

    I miss easter island

  • marco

    Santorini is not Italian… (speaker in the video)

  • mayank

    Not a very comprehensive list. Random locations with lack of tourist value

  • Name

    Cool places

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=552366369 Sheri Fresonke Harper

    Great post, I want to visit them all!