25 of the World’s Most Amazing Waterfalls

Posted by on April 3, 2012

There are few things more awe inspiring than watching millions of gallons of water plummet thousands of feet down to the Earth. Of course, while you are probably familiar with some of the waterfalls on this list others have only been discovered within the past few years. Each with its own unique features, these are 25 of the world’s most amazing waterfalls.



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Found in Norway this is the tallest waterfall in Europe and the sixth tallest in the world.


Havasu Canyon Falls

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This colorful oasis deep within the Grand Canyon spews blue-green water primarily due to the limestone formations over which it flows.


Sutherland Falls

Sitting on the southwestern tip of New Zealand, Sutherland Falls is truly located “down under” and with 300 days of rain year round you had better bring your umbrella…or at least a swimsuit.


Pitchfork Falls

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It’s not hard to see where this Alaskan waterfall gets its name.


Rhine Falls

Although Vinufossen (#10) is the highest in Europe, the Swiss would be quick to inform you that Rhine Falls is the largest plain waterfall in Europe.


Gocta Falls

Although known to the locals for centuries, Gocta Falls in Peru wasn’t “discovered” by the rest of the world until a German expedition stumbled across it in 2005. It is now the 5th highest waterfall in the world and as you could guess it would easily make honorable mention for our list of the 25 most remote places in the world.


Kahiwa Falls

Hawaii has no shortage of picturesque waterfalls and once again we return to the islands for this majestic cascade that tumbles directly into the Pacific Ocean.


Victoria Falls

At over twice the height of Niagra Falls (#1) and spanning a length of about 1 mile on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambie, the sheer amount of water gushing over the edge is mind blowing. In fact, on clear days you can see the spray from almost 30 miles away.


Baatara Gorge Falls

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Descending down into the Baatara Pothole in Lebanon, it’s not hard to see why this place is also known as the cave of three bridges.


Angel Falls

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There’s probably no surprise here. Found in the Venezuelan jungle Angel Falls is not only a stunning sight, it’s also overwhelming. At 3,211 feet it’s the largest in the world. In fact, it’s so high that water evaporates before it even reaches the ground!