25 of the World’s Busiest Airports

Posted by on November 7, 2012

As the world becomes more interconnected and increasingly crowded people have inevitably started traveling more. According to some current estimates nearly 5 million people are shuffled among the world’s airports everyday. If you’ve ever been one of them then you can attest to the fact that these are truly 25 of the world’s busiest airport.


Charlotte/Douglas International Airport

This joint military and civilian airport located in Charlotte, North Carolina is US Airways largest hub and moves 39 million passengers to over 175 destinations around the world every year.


George Bush Intercontinental Airport

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Serving the Houston, Texas metropolitan area, one of the largest in the United States, this airport moves over 40 million passengers every year.


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

This joint civil-military public airport located near Phoenix, Arizona is the biggest in the American southwest and sees over 40 million passengers every year.


San Francisco International Airport

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One of the major gateways between Europe and Asia this aviation hub is often referred to by its airport code “SFO”. It serves about 41 million passengers every year.


Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Pudong is the busiest international hub in mainland China serving over 41 million passengers annually, half of which are either leaving or coming from abroad.