25 of the Most Insane Mansions in the World

Posted by on March 8, 2012

As you will see in a moment, the billionaires on our list of the richest people in the world have more money to spend than they know what to do with, and as a result these extravagant homes are equipped with heated driveways, helipads, and $150,000 bath tubs. Not all of the mansions on our list, however, are there because of the price tag. In some cases it’s their sheer size, while in others it’s their quirkiness. Whatever it may be though, from Beverly Hills to the French Riviera, these are 25 of the most insane mansions in the world.


Hearst Mansion

Former home of William Hearst, the famous newspaper tycoon, this extravagant Beverly Hills property was sold in 1947 for $120,000. Today it goes for over 1300 times that much, it has its own nightclub, and the neighbors include Tom Cruise and David Beckham.

Pricetag: $165 million


The Manor

With 123 rooms, an indoor skating rink, and a room dedicated just to wrapping presents, the opulence on display in this Los Angeles mansion is borderline obscene.

Pricetag: $150 million


Dar al-Hajar

Nicknamed the “Rock Palace” due the fact that it seems to grow out of the rock on which it was constructed, this mansion was built to be the summer house of Imam Yahya, the Islamic leader of Yemen and is famous for its numerous secret passageways.

Pricetag: N/A


Hala Ranch

Owned by Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia, he purchased the property when he was ambassador to the United States and as one of the largest in the country, it comes with its own waste water treatment facility, gasoline pumps, and ski resort.

Pricetag: $135 million


Alan Jackson Estate

Singer Alan Jackson’s house can be found in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee. Sprawling over 135 acres it comes with the good old 20 car garage that seems to be so popular on this list.

Pricetag: $35 million