25 Movies That Will Make You Cry

Posted by on July 31, 2013

Some movies are created specifically to entertain us. Others are created to instruct us. But then, there’s that particular movie selection that is specifically designed to make us cry. Everybody needs a few tears here and there right? If you agree, then you might be interested in these 25 movies that will make you cry.


Never Let Me Go

A 2010 British science fiction drama film, “Never Let Me Go” was based on the novel entitled “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro. Directed by Mark Romanek, this film centered on the love triangle of Kathy, Ruth and Tommy. It was filmed at various locations, particularly at the Andrew Melville Hall and was produced by Film4 and DNA Films. The movie earned about $9.4 million dollars at the box office and got an additional $1.8 million in DVD sales.


Terms of Endearment

Terms of Endearment is a 1983 film directed by James L. Brooks which was based on the novel “Terms of Endearment” by Larry McMurty. This comedy drama film starred Shirley MacLaine and covered the 30-year relationship of Aurora Greenway and her daughter Emma. The movie won a total of five out of its 11 Academy Award nominations and grossed around $3.4 million dollars on the day of its opening making it the #1 movie at the box office.



Starring Robin Williams, Awakenings is a 1990 movie that was based on the true story of Oliver Sacks who discovers the beneficial effects of the L-Dopa drug and administers it to catatonic patients. Awakenings was directed by Penny Marshall and gained three Academy Award nominations.


Brian’s Song

Directed by Buzz Kulik, Brian’s Song is a 1971 movie that centered on the life of a man named Brian Piccolo, a football player from Wake Forest University who was struggling against terminal cancer. This movie had a major premier in Chicago and was rated by critics as one of the finest movies ever made in history. It was written by renowned screenwriter William Blinn and included some scenes that were not in the original autobiography from which the movie was based.


Gran Torino

Directed, produced and starred by Clint Eastwood, Gran Torino is a 2008 American drama film that featured a large Himong American cast, including the real sons of Clint Eastwood himself. This movie was based in Detroit, Michigan and was the first American film to feature Hmong Americans. The story was centered on a man named Walkt Kowaiski, a Korean War veteran who estranged himself from his family following the war. It grossed over $270 million worldwide.


Gone Baby Gone

Produced and directed by Ben Affleck, Gone Baby Gone is a 2007 American mystery film that was based on the novel entitled “Gone Baby Gone” by Dennis Lehane. The story revolves around two private investigators named Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro, who were both in pursuit of a four year old girl that was abducted in Boston. It received various awards from the Austin Film Critics association and got positive reviews from Rotten Tomatoes.


Up in The Air

An adaptation of the novel entitled “Up in the Air”, this movie starred George Clooney and was directed by Jayson Reitman. The story revolved around the life of a corporate downsizer named Ryan Bingham who isolated himself from the world and met several people along the way.



More commonly known as ET, ET the Extra-Terrestrial is a 1982 American science fiction movie that was directed by Steven Spielberg, written by Melissa Mathison and starred Henry Thomas, Robert Macnaughton, and Peter Coyote. The story revolves around the life of a lonely boy who became friends with an extra-terrestrial creature.


Patch Adams

A 1998 comedy drama film, Patch Adams starred Robin Williams and was directed by Tom Shadyac. This movie was based on the biography of a man named Dr. Hunted “Patch” Adams and his book entitled Gesundheit: Good Health is a Laughing Matter. In spite of a negative critic review, the movie was a blockbuster hit


Hope Floats

Produced by the renowned actress Sandra Bullock and directed by Forest Whitaker, Hope Floats is an American romantic drama that was released in 1998. Starring Sandra Bullock herself, this movie was centered on a woman named Birdee, a humble housewife whose life was reduced to rubble after her husband confessed his infidelity.


Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia is a 2007 fantasy drama film that was adapted by David L. Peterson and Jeff Stockwell from the novel entitled Bridge to Terabithia of Katherine Paterson. Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures in the United States, this movie recounts the story of a man named Jess and his friend Leslie Burke, neighbors who made up their own fantasy world in a tree house which they called Terabithia. The movie received positive reviews from critics and won five of the seven awards for which it was nominated.


The Pursuit of Happyness

A blockbuster American biographical drama film that was released in 2006, The Pursuit of Happyness tells the story of a man named Chris Gardner and his struggle as a homeless salesman. Directed by Gabrielle Muccino, the film starred Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith and was entirely based on the memoir written by the main character himself, who eventually became one of the most successful stockbrokers in the world. For his performance in this film, Will Smith was nominated as best actor in the Golden Globe and the Academy Awards.


Love Story

Written by Erick Segal, Love Story is a 1970 romantic drama film that was ranked by the American Film Institute as the #9 most romantic movie of all time. It featured John Marley and Ray Miland and served as the film debut of Tommy Lee Jones. This movie was nominated for seven Academy Awards in 1970 and was generally liked by critics and audiences alike.


A Walk to Remember

Directed by Adam Shankman and written by Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember is a 2002 American teen romantic drama film starring Shane West and Mandy Moore. It was based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks and was inspired by the life of his sister, who died of cancer in 2000. It opened no. 3 at the US box office and grossed more than $12 million dollars in its opening weekend. It became a box office hit not just in the United States but in Asia as well.


Hachiko: A Dog’s Story

Hachiko: A Dog’s Story is a drama film directed by Lasse Hallstrom and was based on the true story of a faithful Akita Inu. It was written by Stephen B. Lindsey and starred Richard Gere, Joan Allen and Sarah Roemer. This movie had its first international premiere in August 2009 in Japan and was released in over 25 countries worldwide.