25 Movies Rated 100% Fresh On Rotten Tomatoes

Posted by , Updated on July 14, 2017

Rotten Tomatoes has become the main source for movie reviews. Instead of one critic, you’ve got a large selection of critics from both mainstream and independent media giving reviews and coming together to score a movie “Certified Fresh” or straight up “Rotten”. It’s extremely rare for all the critics to agree, but when they do, you know the movie is worth checking out. With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of movies spanning every decade from the 1930’s to today. Here’s 25 movies rated 100% fresh on rotten tomatoes:


Man On Wire (January, 2008)

man_on_wire_ver2aImage: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/54/Man_on_wire_ver2.jpg

A documentary telling the story of what has been called the “artistic crime of the century”, Man On Wire tells the exhilarating story of daredevil Philippe Petit and his infamous walk between the twin towers of the World Trade Center (Including actual archival footage of the feat.)


We Were Here (September, 2011)

peccadill0_wewerehereuktheatricalposteraImage: http://img.ymlp.com/peccadill0_WeWereHereUKTheatricalPoster.jpg

We Were Here is a documentary that takes a sober, eloquent, powerful look at the public rise of AIDS in the 1980s and its definition as the “Gay Plauge”. It is a testament to both the fallen and the survivors of a simultaneous battle against societal prejudice and the onset of a world-changing disease.


Only Yesterday (February, 2016)

oypostaImage: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/46/OYpost.jpg

Originally released in 1991 for Japan by Studio Ghibli, this classic was finally given an English release early last year. While I personally prefer my anime with subtitles (my Japanese is… rusty) Studio Ghibli is one of the few studios that lends itself well to English scripts and voice acting without losing the feeling of its stories. As usual for this studio, the animation and story of a Japanese woman’s self-reflection are timeless and thought provoking.


Tower (October, 2016)

tower_2016_filmaImage: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b9/Tower_%282016_film%29.png

Tower is a documentary on the University of Texas’ sniper tragedy. It combines actual footage, first-person testimony, and rotoscopic animation to dramatically and effectively recreate an event that is brutally relevant in current times.


Frank and Lola (December, 2016)

frank_and_lolaaImage: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/21/Frank_and_Lola.png

It only got a limited theatrical release but critics agree-this modern noir “psychosexual drama” is worth your time.

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