25 Most Terrifying Deep Sea Creatures

Posted by on June 18, 2012

Although these days everyone is obsessed with zombies and aliens, some of the strangest and most terrifying creatures in the universe lie beneath the surface of the waves on our very own planet. In the pitch black depths of the ocean where the pressure can be dozens of times higher than at sea level you may very well find yourself running into one of these denizens of the deep. Allow us to introduce you to the 25 most terrifying deep sea creatures on Earth.



Primarily found in the deep water off of Australia and New Zealand the blobfish lives at depths of over 1200 meters. The pressure here is several dozen times higher than at the surface and as a result its body is little more than a gelatinous mass.



Resembling a pink, spine covered balloon these deep sea hunters are something of a cross between pufferfish and anglerfish (#12). Although they lure their prey using a fleshy protrusion they are capable of puffing themselves up when threatened.


Giant Isopod

Unlike the other creatures on this list, the Isopod is permanently constrained to creeping along the bottom of the ocean, primarily the cold, dark waters of the North Atlantic and the Arctic Circle.



With both their eyes and mouth located on top of their head, these fish bury themselves in the sand and leap upwards to attack their prey as it swims by. Moreover many species are electric and capable of delivering lethal shocks.



Not to be confused with the Chimera of Greek mythology, these creatures are also known as ghost sharks, and although they used to reside throughout the world’s oceans, today they are mostly confined to deep water.