25 Most Insane Sporting Events From Around the World

Posted by on January 14, 2013

Who does not know basketball, American football, soccer, or baseball? These kinds of sports are so famous in the world that most countries follow them, in spite of these sports not being their own. But when you talk of local sports you may be surprised as to how creative people can be when it comes to thinking of athletic ways to pass the time. Some may be taken as an adaptation of famous sports, while others may be ridiculously original.  Without further ado, here are the 25 most insane sporting events from around the world.


Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake

Once a year, people living in the Cotswolds region of England hold a racing event that involves rolling a Double Gloucester cheese from the top of Cooper’s Hill and a crowd of people racing down to see who will catch the cheese first. The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake is now so famous all over the world that there are also foreign competitors and spectators that join in on the fun.



Have you ever imagined what a combination of baseball, soccer, and hockey would look like? If you do not have much of an idea, then seeing how people play Hurling in Ireland would be the perfect description. They play wearing soccer clothes and shoes, a helmet, and fight over a baseball with wooden hockey stick-like objects. The goal of the game is to hit the ball as fast and as high as possible until it reaches the enemy goal.



In Finland, there is an obstacle course game where men have to carry their wives on their shoulders, with the head at the back and the feet at front, while running on a 250-meter track with two hurdle jumps and a shallow pool.



The national sport of Afghanistan, it involves competitors riding atop a horse with the objective of getting a dead goat from other players and having it land on a circular goal line. It could be taken as a game of polo without the sticks and balls, but as fierce as American football with all the violence of kicking, bashing, and sometimes even shooting.


Eton Wall Game

There is one game in Eton College in England that has been exclusively played for over 300 years now. It may look like rugby or football to some, but it is a totally different game as it involves a wall being the main field. Players of both teams must pile up in order to fight over the ball. You will only be able to score if you are near enough on one end of the wall and you could kick the ball to anything that resembles a goal, such as a door or a tree. The Eton Wall Game is not that simple as it sounds, especially when you become aware that the last score was made back in 1909.


Jai Alai

Seen by many sports fans as a mix of handball and badminton, Jai Alai is a game that is commonly played by singles or doubles, and it involves a racquet that looks more like a huge scooping basket. The objective of the game is to shoot the ball into one side of the wall towards the enemy area. The opponent must catch the ball either right in midair or on first bounce, which should also be bounced off the wall towards the other end. If not, it would be a deduction point against the failing team.


Chess Boxing

Have you heard of two chess players that are wearing gloves while moving pawns and rooks or of boxers that sit on a chair and think of how to beat the opponent? While these scenarios may be weird and strange to you, there is a certain game in Finland where boxing and chess are mixed together. Chess boxing is unlike any other sport you have ever heard of. Players play a round of chess, then a round of boxing, and then chess again, until 11 alternating rounds have been played.


Mountain Bike Bog Snorkeling

As if snorkeling in a bog is not enough to make you puke, using a mountain bike to journey in the icky smelly water makes for a sport that is known the world over. Mountain Bike Bog Snorkeling has been such a craze that this sport is not only played by natives, but is also attended to by foreign competitors from different countries. There is even a world championship for this game. You need to go through the Waen Rhydd bog two times with the mountain bike being filled with lead, and you must have the shortest time record for the win.



One member of a team goes to the opponent’s territory, acting as a raider. If the raider is able to tag any of the opposing group and is able to get out from the opposite area, then it’s one point. But if the raider has been tagged or squished before freedom calls, then it’s one point for the other team. Whoever is tagged on both scenarios is out of the game.


Royal Shrovetide Football

Can you just imagine playing football where your teammates and opponents belong in one village, populating to over hundreds and thousands. Moreover, could you think of a game that also involves kids and women, passing the ball from one end to another like there’s no tomorrow? This is how the Royal Shrovetide Football can be best described as it has attracted the attention of thousands who play every year in the small village of Ashbourne, England.


Shin Kicking

Shin Kicking, as plainly as it could be called, is a famous sport in Cotswolds, England, near the same place where cheese rolling became a recognized sporting event. The objective of the game is to kick your opponent down by constantly bashing his shins. If you are able to win the best-of-three by knocking your enemy down, then you make yourself a winner.



It would be nice if you could play beach volleyball and jump over the net while spiking the ball towards the opponent. Though many people think that such feats can only be done by professionals, it may not necessarily be the case when you play a Brazilian beach volleyball called Bossaball. It’s volleyball with an inflated court that has a trampoline for Spikers.


Freestyle Walking

There is a certain sport that provides consolation for those who are not adept with skateboarding, rollerblading, and not even good at BMX extreme biking. It’s what you call Freestyle Walking. In this fun sport, the only accessory you need for a good time is a pair of Soap Shoes that is intended for rail grinding. The sport has been so famous that video game characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, and even Tidus from Final Fantasy X have done it in some parts of their games.


Ferret Legging

Ferret Legging is just one game that most players have to pass on. With two angry ferrets trapped in your pants the day can quickly go bad. The record for longest time was 5 hours.


Dwile Flonking

Dwile Flonking in played by two teams, where one player of your team plays is the flonker, while the opposing team dances around him. The objective of the game is to toss the beer-soaked rug to anyone within the circle. If it hits someone, then that person is “it”. The game finishes either once four rounds have been played or everyone is so drunk that they can’t move normally anymore.