25 Most Hilarious Windshield Notes Ever. You’ll Laugh So Hard When You Read These.

Posted by on August 23, 2012

Statistics tell us that road rage is an ever increasing problem…as if the roads weren’t already dangerous enough. Of course, sometimes the offending driver isn’t available to have the snot beaten out of them. It’s in cases such as these (typically involving horrendously executed parking jobs) that people resort to leaving a piece of their mind attached to the windshield of the poorly parked vehicle. Fortunately for us, not only does this free up extra beds in the emergency room, but it also gives us a chance to chuckle at the wit and sarcasm of the 25 most hilarious windshield notes ever.

Car can't move due to frozen door, no ticket please


Note: I have nothing of value left in my car, but thanks for checking anyway


Icecream parking note


Sorry! Don't ticket me, I have to go poo


Enjoying the benefits of society windshield note


Park less crappily


Curse windshield note


Optimus Prime windshield note


y u no park in designated space?


You are ruining my life windshield note


I hope you crash and learn your lesson windshield note


Slide across your hood like a movie star windshield note


I'm pretending to right down my details windshield note


Sir Tyrannosaurus Rex windshield note


Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman windshield note

Juan Castillo


A Jack of many trades (and interests) Juan has a Bachelor in design from the University of Florida with a Major in Architecture and is currently working on an Urban Regional Planning Masters with a concentration in Transportation. Juan is also an amateur photographer with an interest in nature and transportation...especially trains. This guy loves trains! Follow him on Twitter @Jcgator1.

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  • Max

    my favorite is “the way you pulled in makes me wish your dad pulled out.” or the pople the draw asshole parking with chalk around the asshole parkers on the ground.

  • http://clickwp.com/ David Wang

    The best windshield note I’ve seen is:

    Next time please let your husband park

  • Lapis Safeiros