25 Most Expensive Cities To Live In

Posted by on December 17, 2012

Before reading through this list, keep in mind that determining the most expensive city in the world is not as objective a task as it may seem. There are a number of factors to account for including exchange rates, price levels, lifestyle, and more. For the purposes of this list and so that me might keep things consistent we decided to focus on the cities that would be most expensive for a foreigner to move to and still maintain their current lifestyle (this is why you see cities like Kinshasa in the rankings). So, according to the factors we considered, these are the 25 most expensive cities to live in.


London, United Kingdom

Having been rated as the world’s most expensive city to visit for 24 hours it should come as no surprise that London would be on this list somewhere. What may be surprising to some of you, however, is that there are at least 24 cities even more expensive.


Brisbane, Australia

Although it is not Australia’s most expensive city it does arguably have one of the world’s most expensive public transportation systems (trailing only London and Oslo)


Canberra, Australia

Moving from one Australian city to another this time we’re in the capital of the land down under. In spite of its elevated cost of living, however, Canberra enjoys the highest standard of life in Australia.


Seoul, South Korea

Although currency fluctuations have led to Seoul becoming slightly cheaper in recent years it is still ranking on our list of expensive cities.


Copenhagen, Denmark

ccording to a survey conducted several years ago by UBS, employees in Copenhagen had the highest income of any other city in the world. Of course prices are elevated as well. To give you an idea renting a DVD would cost around $8 while a one way tram ticket can be over $3.