25 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

Posted by on November 28, 2013

Although sitting at a computer all day could probably be considered one of the most dangerous jobs given that it completely destroys your cardiovascular and skeletal systems, it’s also a very boring way to shorten your life. The 25 most dangerous jobs in the world promise a much more satisfying demise.


Street Sweeper

Photography Jones@flickr.com

If you’ve ever been to Kiva, Rwanda you’ll know why street sweepers are on this list. Many women work all hours of the night in busy traffic and less than friendly neighborhoods.


Mountain Guides

Between ice, long falls, jagged rocks, wind, low air pressure, and a whole slew of other dangerous sounding conditions there is a reason that climbing mountains is not know for its safety.




A broken hip falling from the second floor, a crushed finger, or a dislocated collar bone after slipping from a ladder are just some of the numerous ways you can get injured on this job.


Stunt Men

Between driving cars over cliffs and jumping out of high rises there is plenty of room for death and injury.


Courier Carriers


Consisting of everything from pizza delivery to newspaper boys, this job is actually quite dangerous in most countries. They are often the victims of armed robbery and other violent crimes.