25 Most Brutal Prisons In The World

Posted by on July 5, 2013

While some prisons are actually quite nice with televisions, work out rooms, ping pong tables, and hearty servings of food, there are numerous prisons (primarily in underdeveloped nations) that are very rightfully called “hell on Earth”. Of course, there are those of you who will say, the prisoners should have thought twice before committing a crime. Fair enough, but remember…most of the worst prisons in the world are not in democratic, fair trial countries. If you scroll down to number 1 we can guarantee you that a disproportionate number of people in that place are there for simply trying to put food on the table. Get ready because these are the 25 most brutal prisons in the world.


Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Nairobi, Kenya

Situated on a 1,200 acre lot, this prison has gained notoriety due to the unspeakable squalor that the prisoners are subjected to. The prison, which holds a number of political prisoners, has earned a reputation for instances of sodomy, beating of inmates to death, and epidemics where malnutrition, cholera, and ulcers were normal occurrences.


Butyrka Prison, Moscow, Russia

The largest central transit prison of Moscow is known for its brutality. It held 20,000 inmates during the Great Purge and thousands of them were executed after investigations. Its administration also resorted to violence every time the inmates tried to protest against anything. Besides the problem of overcrowding, as there could be up to 100 inmates in cells intended only for 10 people, it is extremely hot in the summer and also has problems with epidemics such as AIDS and tuberculosis.


Nairobi Prison, Kenya

Built in 1911 for 800 prisoners, which boomed to 3,000 in 2003, this prison is one of the most congested in the world. This congestion not only resulted in overcrowding, but also in problems with hygiene, sanitation, and general living conditions where it would be a struggle to be physically and mentally healthy. The prison cells reek of sweat, human waste, and filth with the stench of garbage hanging in the air.


Black Beach Prison, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Notorious for human rights offenses, this prison has become synonymous with guard brutality, malnutrition, overcrowding, and rat infestations. It has been common for prisoners to die from chronic disease, if not complete disappearance from the prison. Inmates are in constant fear of torture and prolonged beatings, which cause a number of deaths.


Petak Island Prison, White Lake Russia

This is the Russian version of Alcatraz, as it was isolated by the White Lake and was built to hold the most dangerous prisoners. Though they never have to fear violence from the guards or their inmates, the restricted life of living in cages and in isolation with no lavatories nor washing facilities surrounded by freezing cold water and snow leaves the prisoners to deteriorate and become psychologically devastated.