25 Most Breathtaking National Geographic Photographs

Posted by on December 3, 2012

First published in 1888, the National Geographic Magazine has been dazzling the world with its amazing images for over a hundred years. Although photography and technology has changed a lot since then the depth, power, and intensity of National Geographic photography has remained the same. From the oil fields of Saudi Arabia to the Chicago skyline these are the 25 most breathtaking National Geographic Photographs.


Chicago City Lights

Photo – Jim RichardsonBeneath layers of clouds Chicago lights up the night. A vast majority of the glow comes from street lamps, primarily Victoria style lamps that are excellent when it comes to creating an atmosphere but not very good at harnessing the brightness of modern bulbs.


Group of Siberian Reindeer

Photo – Dean CongerA group of reindeer move through the Siberian snow near Oymyakon in the USSR as they are herded by young girl back towards her family tent.


Camels Crossing the Sahara

Photo – Chris JohnsTaken from above, here you can see a group of camels crossing the salt flats of Lake Assal in Djibouti. At 512 feet below sea level this is one of the lowest places on Earth.


Gray Whale

Photo – Christopher SwannCaught surfacing in the warm water of the coast of Baja California you can see the whale’s baleen plates that it uses to filter food.


Lightning Striking the Statue of Liberty

Photo – Jay FineWith the New Jersey shoreline in the background the Statue of Liberty is lit up by a lightning strike. Although this bolt didn’t directly strike Lady Liberty it is estimated that she does get hit a couple times a year.