25 Misleading Phrases If You Don’t Know Their True Meaning

Posted by on November 24, 2016

Some of these phrases will be things that only native English speakers would understand (how “bless your heart” is really an insult), some will be silly observations (the German word for poison is “gift”), and others will be somewhat serious (the allure and subsequent failings of communism). Regardless of all this, these are 25 Misleading Phrases If You Don’t Know Their True Meaning.

Featured Image: collegedegrees360 via Flickr


Having your work cut out for you

So you’re saying I don’t have to do any cutting? Somebody already started on it?


Agent Orange

Image: commons.wikimedia.org

It sounds like a punk band.

Note: actually, it is.


Having your wages garnished

Image: pexels.com

So my paycheck comes with decorations?


Friendly fire

Alright guys, let’s gather around this friendly fire and share some stories!


Molotov cocktail

Image: pixabay.com

They taste like fire!