25 Loudest College Football Stadiums

Posted by on July 2, 2013


Sanford Stadium

sanford stadium


A more than 92,000 people capacity makes the Bulldogs fans bite harder and bark louder. Trust me, this dog is more than just its bark.


Lane Stadium

lane stadium


Don’t let the 66,000 people capacity fool you, Hokie fans know how to bring down the house. Topple that with an impressive array of speakers and music, and you have yourself a very loud stadium.


Memorial Stadium Clemson

Memorial Stadium Clemson


When those 80,000 crazy fans start shouting, you can bet that the ground will shake.


Camp Randall

camp randall


What makes for a fun time at Camp Randall you may ask? Well, the 80,000 plus crowd antics such as “jump around” and “wave”, just to name two.


Neyland Stadium

neyland stadium


With a crowd of over 100,000, “Rocky Top” can sure rock.


Happy Valley

happy valley


It’s the 4th largest stadium in the world and it can hold more than 105,000 people. This valley sure has the capacity to be happy and loud, that’s for sure.


The Autzen Zoo

autzen zoo


When a place is labeled a “zoo”, you know crazy things are bound to happen. Autzen Stadium only seats 54,000 people, but the crowd can really give it to you. It also helps that the stadium design amplifies the crowds cheers.


The Swamp

the swamp


Also known as the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, it can host a crowd that can exceed 90,000 people. With an intimidating stadium design, teams think twice before stepping into the swamp.


The Horseshoe

the horseshoe


Also known as Ohio Stadium, it can hold more than 102,000 people. It’s the country’s 4th largest stadium with an incredibly excited and loyal fan base.


Death Valley

death valley


With a (somewhat) friendlier name of Tiger Stadium, over 92,000 people can definitely let out loud roars.

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  • DM

    I’ve played in a bunch of these stadiums but except for Baton Rouge, none of these are as loud as Nebraska. Va Tech is close though

  • Mathias

    Where is Washington’s stadium, and the Fargodome? LSU isn’t even the original Death Valley. Happy Valley what the crap is that. It is called Beaver Stadium. Also the Horseshoe should be moved up.

  • Steve

    This list is absolutely rediculous. Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium should be a top 5 and is not even on the list You dont even know dude.

  • Ed

    Obviously, you just phoned it in by putting DKR Stadium on there.

    Texas may have 100,000 people there, but they are there for social hour. All they do is sit on their hands and complain about Mack Brown.

    Jones AT&T Stadium is way louder than DKR.

    • Mathias

      Yeah but when crush Oklahoma you start to get confident fans.

  • http://google Kaiden

    Boise state is not at 25. There stadium is like the Seahawks stadium of college football. Managers from other team like Tenn Martin said its the loudest college stadium in the NCAA

    • Garrett

      Yeah I’m sure that Tennessee-Martin staff knows a lot about loud stadiums

  • Jason peters

    What about nebraska’s memorial stadium. This list is a joke! Cannot be taken seriously

  • Dave W

    Washington’s Husky Stadium has long been recognized as one of the loudest stadiums in the nation.[12] This is in part due to the stadium’s design; almost 70 percent of the seats are located between the end zones, covered by cantilevered metal roofs that trap the sound.[13]

    At times, the high decibel levels typical of Husky games (especially from fans stomping their feet in the bleachers) causes television cameras to shake. During the 1992 night game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers, ESPN measured the noise level at over 130 decibels, well above the threshold of pain. The level reached (133.6 decibels, according to ESPN) is the highest noise level ever recorded for a college football stadium.[14]

  • PK

    Yeah, Husky Stadium in Seattle, Washington set the record a couple times for loudest stadium. You’d think it would be on a list of loudest college stadiums…

  • PK

    Husky Stadium in Seattle, Washington holds the record for loudest stadium. It’s been recorded and confirmed a couple times.

  • Dominic

    Really?? You don’t even have Husky Stadium in the top 25…. Did you do any research??

  • Paul

    Good lord, You couldn’t find a updated photo of Faurot Field??? That was like from the early 90′s!

  • Russell Pearce

    get the stadium names right – the original death valley is in clemson, not baton rouge. there are 3 ways to do it: memorial stadium & tiger stadium, death valley & death valley, or death valley & tiger stadium.

    also, more explanation. happy valley @ #5 is a joke, right?

  • James Franco

    What a disaster this list is – to not put Husky Stadium in the top 5, let alone leaving them outside of the top 25, is a serious mistake. Whoever composed this list did not do their research.