25 Most Lethal Warriors Ever Sent Into Battle

Posted by on February 3, 2014

From Greek Spartans and Mongol horsemen to Russian Spetsnaz and Green Berets these are the 25 most lethal warriors every sent into battle.


Roman Centurion

Only the best soldiers belonging to the most powerful army in the world could claim this title.



Sometimes referred to as the “Lords of the Plains” legend has it a Comanche could fire arrows at his enemy while hanging from the neck of his horse.


Rajput Warrior

These legendary Indian warriors can only be born into their position. Some believe they are so lethal because their homeland is right on the Indian border which as always made them the first line of defense.


Army Ranger

Evolving from a time when the Colonial Army generals combined European technology with Indian tactics, the Rangers are one of the world’s premier light infantry forces.


Persian Immortal

According to the history books, the Immortals always stood at 10,000 strong. As soon as one died another would step in to take his place. This is what gave them their nickname.


Mongol Horseman

Their brutality and take-no-prisoners mentality led them to conquer more of the world than anybody before them.


Ming Warrior

One of the first militaries to use gunpoweder, the Ming ruthlessly expanded China’s borders.


French Foreign Legion

This elite French fighting unit allows mercenaries from all over the world to come and fight for French interests.


Russian Spetsnaz

Responsible for the training of many anti-western forces, this group has managed to create a fierce reputation for itself.


Medieval Knight

These were the equivalent of modern day tanks.



Trained from the age of 7, boys spent their entire lives learning to do one thing…kill.


French Musketeer

The elite bodyguards to the King of France, they combined class with pure deadliness.


Delta Force

There isn’t a whole lot of information available on them, but most of their members are pulled from other elite fighting units.



Although the horned helmets and cups made of human skulls are just legends, those legends arose due to the fear that the Vikings struck in their victims and the brutality of their attacks.



Well known for their ferocity and fearlessness, the Apache nation did not surrender to the United States until they only had 50 warriors left.



Although not really sent into battle, many gladiators had seen some form of combat in their previous lives. Few, however, survived past the age of 30, or for more than 10 matches in the Colosseum.


Zanda Warrior

The Zanda were known throughout central Africa for their lack of mercy on the battlefield. They even filed their teeth to make themselves look terrifying.


Israeli Commando

Responsible for defending one of the smallest countries on Earth from virtually every other country within a thousand miles, the Sayaret (or Israeli Commandos) have no choice, they have to be good.



The Navy SEALs are so good at unconventional warfare that it doesn’t even matter what they’re holding – it’s a weapon. They have also been known to operate outside of international law and military protocol.



Bound by the code of Bushido or “way of the warrior”, honor was huge to them. If they lost their honor they would often resort to Seppuku, or ritual suidce by disembowlment to regain it.


Maori Warrior

The Maori would eat their enemies in order to capture their “Mana”, or respect.


Green Beret

Although they are masters of unconventional warfare they are also required to be highly intelligent and fluent in the languages of region where they operate.



The “whatever it takes” mentality of these warriors stood in stark contrast to the Samurai. Ninjas were basically spies that specialize in espionage, sabotage, and assassination.


Aztec Warrior

When the Aztecs invaded they sought two things – land and captives to sacrifice. War was so much a part of their culture that new rulers were expected to immediately wage a military campaign to prove their worth.



Known for being borderline reckless, these Nepalese warriors caught the eye of the British Empire several hundred years ago and since then they have fought as mercenaries for numerous countries around the world including the United States.