25 Incredible Landscapes Carved Out Of Books

Posted by on November 6, 2012

You’ve heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words but how about a carving? Apparently those are worth several thousand because in what is probably some of the more unique artwork you have ever seen Guy Laramee creates everything from Petra to the Grand Canyon in these 25 incredible landscapes carved out of books.
Syed Balkhi


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  • Jay

    To think this is a waste of books is ignorant. I assume that he uses old, outdated, worthless books and encyclopedias. Another thing is that these books are mass produced so there are plenty of copies of them. There is no way he would use a book that has worth to anyone.
    Lastly, even if he used the bible itself, this technique is innovative and unique to say the least. What the artist does with these books is mind-blowing and beautiful, takes and unimaginable amount of skill, and tells a story in itself.

  • Laila

    As much as I think this is fantastic art, it hurts me to see good books wasted as such. I would have much preferred reading the contents than seeing them made into a different kind of art.

  • Rhea

    i am a bookaholic and this made me cry :( what a waste of perfectly good books…

  • Yr Ham

    Thank you for introdusing me to the work of this incredible artist! By far my favourite List to date!
    Blessings, Yr