25 Incredible Discoveries You Won’t Believe Exist

Posted by , Updated on April 4, 2017

Some of the most unbelievable things in the world are discovered each year, ranging greatly from minor to life-changing and from completely accidental to intended. There are also many different areas in which discoveries are made such as space exploration, archaeology, natural science etc. Some of these discoveries have even helped us to reveal or better understand some of the most unbelievable things in the world. Want to know what some of these discoveries are? From Tsunamis on Mars to the mysterious Shroud of Turin, if you want to learn more about some unbelievable things that are true, check out these 25 Incredible Discoveries You Won’t Believe Exist.

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RNA Interference

microscopeSource: brainscape.com, image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

In 1998 after a series of experiments, scientists revealed that gene expression is controlled by a phenomenon called RNA interference. This process defends against viruses that try to insert themselves into DNA, and controls gene expression. This discovery was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2006 and has directly led to research on “silence genes” that cause problems for the body, such as the gene causing high blood pressure.


Shroud of Turin

Shroud of Turin Source: livescience.com, image: https://commons.wikimedia.org (public domain)

One of the most mysterious archaeological discoveries ever, the Shroud of Turin is believed to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ. This long piece of twill cloth has traces of blood and a darkened imprint of a man’s body. The Catholic Church officially recorded the existence of the shroud in 1353 when it showed up in a church in Lirey, France. However, the legend of the shroud is much older, dating back to A.D. 30 or 33.


Voynich Manuscript

Voynich ManuscriptSource: thespiritscience.net, image: cs.wikipedia.org (public domain)

Arguably the most mysterious manuscript that has ever been discovered, the Voynich Manuscript is an astonishing artifact whose origins and language are completely unknown. The manuscript is full of plant life, strange symbols, and diagrams, and it is written in a mysterious language that can’t be traced back to any known civilization.


Extraterrestrial Neutrinos in Antarctica

Extraterrestrial Neutrinos in AntarcticaSource: therichest.com, image: en.wikipedia.org (public domain)

Using the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, physicists in Antarctica have recently found evidence of cosmic rays from outside the solar system. The energetic rays themselves are very difficult to notice; therefore, scientists have to rely on the discovery of neutrinos (a sub-atomic particle) produced as the cosmic rays interact with their surroundings.


Mass Animal Grave

Mass Animal GraveSource: cracked.com, image: https://commons.wikimedia.org (public domain)

In 1971, paleontologists discovered a large mass animal grave in an Idaho corn field. Once a waterhole, the site was home to about 200 different animal skeletons. The animals were probably suffocated and buried there by a deep layer of volcanic ash some 12 million years ago. The site is now known as the Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historic Park.


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