25 Images That Simply Cannot Be Explained

Posted by on January 3, 2013


Cat paparazzi


Lots of bikes and a pool


Something crazy


UPS truck and a sewing machine


Truck in a tree


Gang of short people pulling an airplane


Elephant nest


Mom, baby, dog, and a pink gun in the tub


Rabbits in the snow carrying swords


Llama delivery service

David Pegg


After helping found the United Nations, the United States, and United Airlines, David consigned himself to a transient life of writing lists and sleeping on park benches.

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  • Kitteh Gilbert

    I believe #11 is a dog training exercise.

  • han solo

    ….uh, photoshop—duh!

    • James Smith

      Exactly which ones were Photoshop creations and how?

      • James Smith

        Heh Heh, I love asking questions they can’t answer.

        • Jackey

          #13 is easily photoshopped. I’ve saw that cat somewhere before standing in that exact position.

  • Unindoctrinated

    Most of these images are easily explained. try “25 Bizarre Photos” or something similar. Stick with accurate titles. People respect them, and therefore your work, much more.

  • Plaso

    #16 comes from Tanzania !!

    Glad to see my country finally is gaining some popularity somewhere LOL

  • Matt Koener

    I can guarantee you that #15 is real and that is a shaolin monk. People have got that on tape. Don’t care if u think it’s fake cuz i’ve seen it before.

    • James Smith

      I did notice in the picture that the drill was not running.

      How do you know it’s a Shaolin monk? I have seen pictures and film of them immolating themselves in protest of things, too.

      I have also seen pictures repeatedly that were fake, even videos. I made one myself of a UFO that’s better than 99% of the “real” ones I’ve seen. It took me maybe 10 or 15 minutes. No actual vide was used, only two still pictures.


      • Will

        Ok, about the drill not running, How can you tell if something is moving or not if it is a still picture?

        • James Smith

          Unless the drill was turning very slowly or a very fast shutter speed was being used, the drill bit would be blurred. For that matter, the drill motor itself would be vibrating enough for some blurring. If you capture the picture and examine it under magnification, neither seems to be happening.

          Very fair question, though.

  • Caroline Elliott

    Err, Mr Smith I think the title probably wasn’t meant to be interpreted literally! Love 25, 24 and the (Russian?) soccer-playing soldier guitarists!

    • James Smith

      I have no idea how your response to me has anything to do with my comment or the site. I’ll assume you felt the need to post something so rational replies didn’t enter the picture.

    • SmithR

      Yes, this is the russian soldiers :D

  • James Smith

    Can’t be explained? How about “People doing weird stuff for the sake of being weird?”