25 Hit Movies With Unintentionally Horrible Messages

Posted by on November 22, 2016

Most movies have a theme, moral, or message they’re trying to convey.  Sometimes this is done subtly, sometimes bluntly, but most of the time, it makes sense. However, other times we step back and look at the message again only to realize that maybe their message isn’t such a good one. Even older movies and classics that come across as horribly racist, sexist, or cringe-worthy in other ways (as values and socially acceptable norms have changed) can at least still be relevant with their central theme. Here are 25 Hit Movies With Unintentionally Horrible Messages.



All of your PTSD, trauma, and suffering you went through in the original movie doesn’t matter when you have a chance to go kill hundreds of people.


Million Dollar Baby

Being dead is better than being disabled.


The Fox and the Hound

Segregation works.


The Little Mermaid

You can defy your family, give up something very important to you, make a deal with an evil being, nearly destroy your home, and still get everything you want.



As long as you completely change yourself and give up your identity, you can be with the person you really want.