25 Greatest Maritime Disasters In History

Posted by on January 6, 2013

Ever since people realized that wood floats history has been filled with an immeasurable number of shipwrecks. And although people have tried in vain to build unsinkable ships the ocean will not be tamed. In this list we’re going to go back and take a look at the 25 greatest maritime disasters in history (and yes the Titanic is on there). Keep in mind, however, that this list does not include wartime disasters.


HMS Sussex

The Sussex was lost in a severe storm on 1 March 1694 off Gibraltar. There were only two survivors out of a crew of 500.


Ottoman frigate Ertuğrul

Sank on 18 September 1890 after striking a reef during a typhoon off Kushimoto, Japan. The maritime accident resulted in the loss of 533 sailors including Admiral Ali Osman Pasha.


RMS Atlantic

During the ship’s 19th voyage, on 1 April 1873, it ran onto rocks and sank off the coast of Nova Scotia, killing 535 people


SS Grandcamp

On 16 April 1947, the French registered ex-liberty ship caught fire and exploded dockside while being loaded with ammonium nitrate at Texas City, Texas. In what came to be called the Texas City Disaster an estimated 581 people, including 28 firefighters, were killed and 5,000 were injured.


SS Princess Alice

On 3 September 1878 the Princess Alice was sunk in a collision on the River Thames with the collier Bywell Castle off Tripcock Point in 1878. Over 650 people died making it the greatest loss of life in any Thames shipping disaster.